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    For Sale Reid #2 Surface Grinder For Sale

    Reid #2 surface grinder with 6" x 18" magnetic chuck. 2 hp electric motor. Location is Murfreesboro TN 37129 about 30 miles south east of Nashville TN on I-24 $1000 cash.
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    For Sale Reid #2 surface Grinder with chuck

    Good condition, 2 hp motor, 240 volts, 6 x 18 chuck, Nashville TN area. Also comes with a 3 phase converter for the 3 phase motor.
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    For Sale Reid #2 Surface Grinder $1500.

    Reid #2 surface grinder, 2 hp motor 3 phase 240 volts I have it running on a 3 ph converter you get the converter too, 6"x18" magnetic chuck, Murfreesboro TN. 30 miles south of Nashville TN on I-24. Excellent condition it has hardly been used in the past 45 years it was handy when I needed it...
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    For Sale Reid #2 Surface Grinder

    Reid #2 Surface Grinder with 6" x 18" magnetic chuck. 2 hp 240 volt AC electric motor & 3 phase converter. Dixie Ln, Murfreesboro TN 37129, about 30 miles south of Nashville TN on I-24. I am 2 minute drive from I-24. $1500. cash
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    How to recycle engine exhaust steam back to the boiler?

    Several years ago I built a steam condenser for my 1.5" x 1.5" steam engine. 77 feet of 1/4" copper tubing will turn steam to water but water is tapped in the copper tubing coil like water with a sealed bottle. I know steam locomotives in the late 1940s had steam recover to reuse the same...
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    For Sale Reid #2 surface grinder with 6" chuck $1500

    Reid #2 surface grinder with 6" magnetic chuck $1500 it works good & in good condition. Murfreesboro TN 30 miles south of Nashville TN on I-24
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    1.5"x 2" Stroke Steam Engine

    I built this 1.5" x 2" stroke steam about engine 25 years ago. It runs 500 rpms on 100 psi steam and will power a belt drive table saw 4 to 1 ratio to get 2000 rpms on the saw blade. Steam boiler holds 1/2 gallon of water. Steam reclaimer puts 110° F water back into the boiler with a pump &...
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    Surface Grinder For Sale with 6 x 18 magnetic chuck

    I have not built anything in my machine shop in 10 years, it is time to start selling things I will never use again. I have a good machinist surface grinder with magnetic chuck. It takes a 7" wheel. It has a 2 hp motor. I think it is a Reed #1. I use to do injection mold work. I am in...
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    How to make this type turbine cup shape fins?

    I think maybe mount index fixture on rotary table in the Bridgeport mill. I want a 4" diameter turbine blade. Blade width not determined yet maybe .375" wide. Cup on each blade needs to be 0 to 90 degrees = 1/4 of a circle. Blade will be inside of a ring with a plate on each side with about...
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    Has anyone every seen or built a Steam Powered FAN?

    I heat my work shop with a wood stove in winter. I set my sterling fan on the wood stove to run and circulate the heat all day with no attention at all but a faster more powerful fan will work better. My idea is to build a water tank that sets right on top of the wood stove then build a 1...
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    8" Rotary Table with cross slides GOOD condition.

    I have built several nice engine projects with the rotary table. Don't need it anymore. I did Google search they sell for $785 brand new these days. What is it worth? I would like to sell it for $400. It is in very good condition but has a few accidents on the table as you can see in the photos...
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    20 lb Thrust Pulse Jet Engine Kits

    Kits $175 each plus postage. Kit containes laser cut metal parts that need to be welded together. It starts easy on 20% throttle on propane. It will run on propane, gasoline, 75% gas 25% kerosene, 100% Alcohol. It produces 18 lbs of thrust on propane, 20 lbs or thrust on gasoline, 24 lbs...
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    20 lb Thurst Pulse Jet Engines.

    I built the 20 lb thrust engine with pedal valves first. I had a few problems with the air intake so I re designed it and build another engine. Second engine runs good on full thrust with no damage to the reed valves. Next I built the 20 lb thrust engine with argus reed valves. I had to build...
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    6 cylinder flywheel engine

    All 6 cylinders are .375" diameter. 3 pistons are 90 degrees from the other 3 cylinders. The air ports are hidden with O rings to prevent leaks. All 6 pistons get air. I have never checked the RPMs it might be 1500 on 100 psi. 6 cylinders use up a lot of air...
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    Stirling Hot Air Gear Drive Engine

    Stirling Hot Air Beta Engine 2" bore, 1.5" stroke with gear drive crankshaft. It runs 450 RPMs. I have one of these same engines built into the cast iron lid of a wood stove. It keeps the air circulating and the shop warm all day.
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    Steam Power Hit & Miss Engine

    This is 1" bore with 1" stroke. I copied the body style from my Hercules 1 3/4 hp Hit & Miss engine. Runs good on steam or compressed air. It is a powerful little engine I had it attached to several different things just for fun. It ran my pencil sharpener so fast it would eat a whole pencil in...
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    2 cycle 6 cylinder radial engine

    Self starting 6 cylinder 2 cycle engine. Pistons are .5" bore with .5" stroke. When the crankshaft turns an air hole in the crash shaft lines up with the brass air tube that goes to the top of the cylinder. Exhaust ports on the side of the cylinders 2/3 the way down. The engine turns 30,000...
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    Hot Air Fan

    Powered by a 2" bore BETA style hot air engine. The base of the fan is a zinc casting of a 7" diameter bowl I snuck out of the kitchen without my wife catching me. I did a lot of experimenting with this engine, high radiant metal works best like cast iron for the top cold section of the engine...
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    Steam Engine

    1.5" bore 1.5" stroke. The black tank on the back is the electric boiler. I have a 250 watt 120 VAC heater in the 4" diameter boiler tank. It has a 125 psi pressure release. I have the main steam line wrapped with insulation material. The engine will run very slow about 20 RPM all day on 5 psi...