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    A newbie from Leicestershire

    Hi Terry, That sounds absolutley fascinating. I went to SKF in Luton for my apprecnticeship because they took us round the Computer Department! Eventually I went into Computing, going to Huddersfield Poly (as it was then) in 1980-1983, and from there straight into Lecturing in Hardware and...
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    A newbie from Leicestershire

    Hi Terry, I'm the current Catholic Chaplain to Loughborough University, working out of the Edward Herbert Building. I served my apprenticeship many years ago at SKF in Luton 70-74. Good to hear from you, and if you want to come and see the current engineering department, please let me know...
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    A newbie from Leicestershire

    A friendly welcome from local Long Eaton - still gainfully employed at Loughborough University!