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  1. alcostich

    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    I attempting to make a draw in nut for a 3C collet. The thread wants to be 26 TPI. Nowhere can I find the single depth of thread for that. This will be an internal thread. The dimensions on the plan I'm working from call out a minimum Dia of .520 and a max of .635. Based on the calculation: 1/26...
  2. alcostich


    This may be a looong shot: I'm trying to source a couple pairs of knurls that would fit Homecraft 2040 or 0-KH tool: 8221 coarse diamond 8261 coarse straight I wonder if Homecraft was an off shoot of Williams.... SB lists these: CE3152 coarse diamond CE3155 coarse straight All these knurls...
  3. alcostich

    greenfield releasing acorn die holders

    I've acquired a handful of acorn dies. Unfortunately I don't have releasing holder for them. Nor do I know very much about them. I assume the holders come in various sizes for different acorns. Could anyone offer some lessons on how to determine what size holders work with size dies and...
  4. alcostich

    PM Research Machine kits

    Has anyone built any of PM Research's machine kits? Lathe, horizontal mill or shaper? I have all three and I'm looking for pointers.... Alan
  5. alcostich

    Help with Atlas 7B Shaper

    Because my mill was tied up with another project, I decided to use my shaper to make a nut for a quick change tool post. Encountered a problem I could use some help or advise with. I can adjust the length of stoke but I can't set the position of the ram. In order to turn the adjusting screw...
  6. alcostich

    WTB: 3C Hex Collets

    I'm looking to buy 3C hex collets. Thanks. Alan
  7. alcostich

    SB step chuck collet closer

    I stumbled upon some SB 3C step chucks. Now I'm in need of a closer. Anyone have one superfluous to their needs? Thanks. Alan