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  1. edholly

    Total new-comer to CAD. Which programme to choose.

    I have been building and designing model engines now for quite some years and have been modelling for over 65 years. I have designed from scratch about 11 model diesel engines and built them and they all run - and have had a couple put on CAD by kind fellow enthusiasts. I would like to have a...
  2. edholly

    OUTERZONE - Model Engine Plans

    Steve at OUTERZONE has now created a category and loaded an initial batch of 36 plans. If you have any that aren’t on the site or have some that are your own that you have made an engine from, then Steve would be happy to load them. They need not be on CAD, so long as they are legible and...
  3. edholly

    OUTERZONE to host Model Engine Plans

    OUTERZONE have, since 2011, been the go-to place for model aircraft plans. As of Thursday, they will also be hosting plans for model engine building with the initial 2 plans going on. Over the next few weeks many more will be loaded which will be around 40, so after this initial batch is on -...
  4. edholly

    Mini Buddy .021 ci engine

    Just a quick report on a new motor just finished. I have called it the Mini Buddy as a follow on from the Holly Buddy and Holly Buddy inline twin. The design had to incorporate these design features Easy to build Enough power to fly a free flight model around 24 to 30 inches Long lasting Easy...
  5. edholly

    MINI BUDDY .021ci engine

    Just a quick report on a new motor just finished. I have called it the Mini Buddy as a follow on from the Holly Buddy and Holly Buddy inline twin. Great that Patrick Strobel is doing the CAD plans for this one - thanks Patrick.. The design had to incorporate these design features Easy to...
  6. edholly

    Reducing the machining of an interrupted cut.

    I used to machine the whole bar to make the bigend (crankpin) on the end of a conrod a long and horrible job - these days I drill a hole to depth and the humble hacksaw does most of the rest of the work and the lathe says thankyou.
  7. edholly

    The Holly Buddy Mk2 - the build from a casting

    The original Holly Buddy is a relatively easy build made from round and square bar stock. It is a chunky engine of 2.5 cc capacity and quite a few have been made now, and it was the subject of an article by fellow Australian Maris Dislers which was written up in the 2019 issue of AeroModeller...
  8. edholly

    Horizontal twin - Identity unkown - does anyone recognize it ?

    Bought this recently - it is a really beautifully built engine - way above amateur status. It is a Spark Ignition motor, however if and when l get it going l will run it as a glow motor. It has evidence of being run quite a bit - as an air-cooled marine engine. There was quite a bit of old hard...
  9. edholly

    A Flat Twin version of the Holly Buddy.

    Ok guys - here we go again on the Holly Buddy train. This time it will be a Flat Twin (hopefully). Hopefully as it does have an arrangement that may not work. I want to make it with solid conrods, and therefor need to have a made-up crankshaft. To this end I have made the front and rear...
  10. edholly

    A tiny diesel design of .020 c.i. capacity the Wee Dee

    Elsewhere on Work in Progress is the design and build of the Holly Buddy. This was a 2.5cc diesel that was relatively easy to build and the thread took readers from the design to the final article running. That was started about a year ago and in recent times I have had a hankering to make a...
  11. edholly

    How to join 2 cylinders at 90 degrees

    I would like to join a cylinder at 90 degree to another to form a crankcase. Am struggling with how this might be achieved without welding. Have made a mock-up but still can't see a way without resorting to something like loctite. Is there a loctite product that might do the work ? It is a...
  12. edholly

    Holly Buddy 2.5

    Designed as an easy to build model aircraft diesel engine of good performance and 2.5cc with notes to encourage modifications to the original design by any future builders. CAD plans done by Steve Jenkinson and the engine is dedicated to the memory of David Owen. This is the 15th engine built...
  13. edholly

    New 2.5cc model diesel design and build.

    This engine has now been completed. The design and build took exactly 1 month to do. It is a successful design making 9250rpm on a 9 x 4 wood prop on its 4th run after about 15 minutes running, and improving in power with each run. The complete story is on the Works in Progress forum and can...
  14. edholly

    New 2.5 cc Model Diesel design and build.

    I haven't been too active here for a while, as I have been busy with finishing off a 1964 Lotus Seven which is so much fun to drive, along with building a 160% Tomboy powered by a modified Owen Mate for the recent Oily Hands weekend at the Cowra Model Aero Club in honour of David who I miss very...
  15. edholly

    What do you call these mini boring bars ?

    I was given these by a mate - and they have been incredibly useful for my model engine making. There were quite a few in the tin and I don't think I will need anymore - they range from those that can bore a hole just bigger than an 1/8th of an inch to internal threading down to around 1/4 inch...
  16. edholly

    Wood piston in working engine

    Anyone come across a wood piston in a working engine ? A good mate of mine when doing his apprenticeship swears the college had an engine given to them and they ran it before stripping it, and it ran ok. When they stripped it they found a piston made of hardwood ! He thinks it was an A model...
  17. edholly

    Current HMEM logo photo inspires another Owen Mate dirivative

    I feel very privileged to have an engine I built some time ago as the current photo adjacent to the HMEM logo. It comes from a thread I started back in August last year and can be found at Link removed as error - see linka couple of paragraphs below ... I haven't had much time for building...
  18. edholly

    Simple Opposed Twin Diesel using Owen Mate Components

    I haven't posted here for a while as other things have been taking priority. But I have started down the path of my next diesel, a 4cc opposed twin based on the wonderful piston/cylinder design of David Owen's - Owen Mate. Just for fun calling it the HOLLY OWEN OPPOSED TWIN - or HOOT for short...
  19. edholly

    New design - 0.5cc model aircraft diesel maybe call it "the Gecko"

    With a fascination for small diesels, and their ability to power really small model aircraft, there came the desire to design and build one from scratch. After some doodling, have come up with the design parameters using the time honoured principle of keep it simple. I did build an ED Baby...
  20. edholly

    Sharing our best non-standard practices.

    I hope this thread develops where simple practices we all stumble across, by necessity or otherwise, are listed for others to consider. Hopefully the posts will be brief, maybe just a couple of paragraphs at most - and one post dedicated per practice. Please make the posts in a colour, so that...