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    Myford Super 7 Tachometer

    About time I got around to this, I've had the bits for over 6 months ;-) My first step was to fit the sensor and magnet somewhere that would give true RPM even in back-gear. My Super 7 isn't standard, but for one that is fitting a cylindrical magnet in one of the holes in the standard...
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    Super 7 VFD Control Box

    I've never seen one with two switchable speed settings but that's useful for a lot of the stuff I do so that's what I did ;-)
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    Low Temp Aluminium Welding Repair Wire ID Help

    About 4 years ago I bought a coil of wire from a Scandiweigan gentleman at Harrogate Show, he was carrying out very impressive demonstrations and I was tempted. It was the usual "That'll come in handy" kind of show purchase and the wire sat in my drawer of short miscellaneous brazing/repair rods...
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    Underhand Tactics by UK CNC business!

    CNC4You in the UK are using a one letter spelling variation in the domain (by dropping one "P" ) to try to direct customers looking for Zapp Automation in the UK to the wrong site presumably in the hope of hijacking some business, on the .com variant they are even suppressing their own business...
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    The QCTP and Indexable Tooling MythBusting

    Number one and your starter for 10 is If you have decided to purchase a QCTP then - "You need something more expensive or complex than a Dickson Clone QCTP" You might, but you probably don't, you need to shop around for a less than shoddy copy but unless you are running more than 1hp then...
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    Brake Cleaner

    Brake Cleaner used to be a CFC driven chlorinated solvent, you could use it to put fires out. Not any more! ;-) On the other hand the new formulation is great for getting the BBQ lit, and the waste bin if you're not careful. :D - Nick
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    Drilling a hole here that comes out there

    This is an old one so I expect most of you know it already. You have a part and you want a hole that goes in here - And comes out here - So you centre both points Then you get you one of these - And put it here - Drill both ways up, each time with the bottom hole on the...
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    Single Flute Milling Cutters

    I've been playing with these in my bench top cnc mill and I've found them to be great for plastics and aluminium, with a little modification to the tip to square off the sharp hook at the edge I've even successfully used one for profile cutting a part from 10mm stainless steel plate. One big...
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    Keeping The Ways Clean

    A while ago I had to do a lot of light, messy turning jobs and tried a strip of re-usable teflon baking sheet held in place with magnets in plastic bags to keep the ways clean. The baking sheet worked so well I used it for 6 years but last year I bought some rubber protectors for the ways on my...
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    Hand Sharpening A Spiral Flute Tap

    I needed to tap a hole 1/8" BSP this afternoon and found I'd forgotten to buy a replacement for my 1/8" BSP spiral flute tap when I blunted it, I do have a tap set but I really wanted to do it in one operation. Looking at the form of the blunted tap I realised that the right size ball could...
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    Solid Electronic Edge Finder Sprung Ball Modification

    I wanted an electronic edge finder so I bought myself one of these - - (you can probably get them cheaper from China but if we all spend all our money in China then before long there won't be anywhere here left to buy from.) I...
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    Adding a High Speed Spindle to the Mill

    The drive option I chose when converting from a problematic DC Drive and Motor left me with what seemed a very reasonable 0 - 7000rpm on my little benchtop CNC mill. When I came to do some engraving I found that my feeds & speeds calculator was constantly warning me that feed speed had been...
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    Myford Super 7 Cross Slide Screw Thrust Bearings

    It was once again time for stripping, cleaning and re-lubing the cross slide thrust bearings and seeing a little galling on the outer I once again I thought it's about time for the roller thrust bearing modification. A quick trip to the bearing shop with a pocket full of Myford parts yielded...
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    Radius Turning Tool From Scrap 'N' Stuff

    Not my idea, just my take on it. I had a few 3mm diameter parts which required hemispherical ends and remembered seeing a boring head used for radius turning. My boring head sees regular use so permanently or even semi-permanently fixing it to something else isn't an option. I pulled a 1"...
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    Digital Caliper Modification for Hole Groove Depth

    I needed to replicate a few parts with grooves in small holes and couldn't find anything in the Metrology Department (Mic Drawer) to measure the job. 5 minutes freehand work on the tool & cutter grinder yielded the perfect tool. For the deeper edge of the groove zero & read as normal. For...
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    Myford Super 7 Long Bed Big Bore Conversion

    I'd been considering a larger lathe for some time, purely for greater through capacity. I can't do without my lathe for more than the odd weekend though, and I didn't want to go back from a fully tooled lathe to shopping for tooling to complete a job. To get where I wanted to be I would have...