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  1. jdurnya

    Opposed twin Onan engine in half scale

    WOW that is great !!! I restore John Deere Garden tractors and love the old Onan engines !!! following closely !! Joe
  2. jdurnya

    Boxford 8" Shaper Clutch

    i love that !!! its so cute !!
  3. jdurnya

    Looking to buy small milling machine

    i cant help you as far as size as im running bridgeports.. but my only suggestion is to buy a machine thats as precise as you need it.. if you are just doing running hardware you can get away with most anything.. but if you intend to work on engines.. bearing housings, induction systems etc you...
  4. jdurnya

    Interrupt Driven Rotary Table controller

    thanks for the details ! any slop in that ? any chance of taking some close ups of the stepper mechanical connection to the indexer ? maybe i can fab one up using one of my manual hardinge ones.. thanks ! Joe
  5. jdurnya

    Interrupt Driven Rotary Table controller

    very nice is that hardinge indexer cnc ? or did you convert it ... would love to see more pics / specs of that JOe
  6. jdurnya

    DIY / Hybrid lathe build

    Pretty cool !! im wondering how rigid that is going to turn out.. i would have put the linear rails on top with way covers to reduce the distance to the cutting tool.. but i cant wait to see this in action and see your results !
  7. jdurnya

    Motorized milling machine head

    Sorry to take this off topic.. Ron, loved your shop tour on youtube years ago.. would love an update Joe
  8. jdurnya

    Motorized milling machine head

    Drew, i must say that is an awesome job !! excellent work ! Joe
  9. jdurnya

    South Bend heavy 10 vs....

    I have worked my way up to 3 really sweet south bends... 2 heavy 10's botth with 2 speed motors, cam lok spindles, and hardened beds.. on has a taper attachment and one has a turret attachment AND a 13" with cam lock spindle, taper attachment and hardened bed... took me a couple years to...
  10. jdurnya


    Mr Pete is great.. i like this guy too
  11. jdurnya

    F/S Complete Boss 5 Electronics / power supplies / stepper motors

    F/S Complete Boss 5 Electronics / power supplies / stepper motors im gutting my Bridgeport Boss 5 for a complete upgrade so im selling all the parts to the old system i will sell individual parts so if you need anything dont hesitate to reach out ! [email protected] Joe
  12. jdurnya

    What is the best paint for an old machine restoration.

    to spend all that time dis-assembling / cleaning / repairing use a good quality catalyzed urethane and the matching etching primer if you do it right you will end up with a automotive grade finish that will be extremely durable its not cheap and you will have to use protection to handle...
  13. jdurnya

    Shop lights

    I found some nice LED Lighting for my shop on amazon...
  14. jdurnya

    My Shop

    Mike, yes they are beautiful machines ! I have a 5/8 turret for one of my south bends.. and i have been collecting hardinge tooling and accessories for awhile. Joe
  15. jdurnya

    My Shop

    thanks for the reply ! well, glad you like the myford ! and i agree.. my shop is my quiet space as well... glad you are enjoying your machines !! Joe
  16. jdurnya

    My Shop

    I hope machining will still have some future. My children are not at all interested, but seems like there will always be some need for it. I follow Steve Jordan on YouTube.. he seems to like his myford.. as well as John Creasey i haven't researched them but was under the impression they...
  17. jdurnya

    My Shop

    John, thanks for the reply. So far I have been concentrating on the larger stuff.. My goal was to get the basic layout of the shop as to where i could fit everything Since thats pretty much done i will start building shelving / storage for all the tooling, tool boxes and such. After that...
  18. jdurnya

    My Shop

    Thanks for the welcome ! How do you compare the Myford to the SouthBend ? I did have a gearhead 13 x 40 that i purchased new from MSC and i liked that quite abit... my next upgrade will be to pick up a hardinge ... ive been wanting one of those for awhile !
  19. jdurnya

    My Shop

    Hey Guys, been working on my shop for a couple years now... Im still laying everything out, running air and electric, working on lights, buying tooling and making cabinets. Still have a full time job, but i am able to get to the shop for maybe 10 hours a week. Becoming obsessed with...