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    DOHC MG Head

    I am not sure yet about his immediate future plans. I believe his intent in the long run is to produce the heads to sell. More immediately he has to develop a mold increased by 2% to account for shrinkage. He has been working on it for about a year now and I believe he has things pretty well...
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    DOHC MG Head

    I am posting some pictures of a DOHC that my nephew is designing for an MG. The pictures show the components (all wooden) in preparation for casting. He alsohas cad drawings. The next step is to set it up for casting in aluminum.
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    My Bridgeport Rebuilding with modfications

    I don't remember the weight. I think shipping via FEDEX cost around $20. Jim
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    Finishing my Nantong Drill Press

    So far I haven't used it very much. I plan to build some jigs and fixtures but it is quite tight and the digital readout seems accurate. Jim
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    Finishing my Nantong Drill Press

    I bought this on ebay. Item 230747956571. Get the stainless steel one. The other one is not oil resistent...
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    Finishing my Nantong Drill Press

    Gus, you are right, some guys should just stay out of a shop. It seems like I am always trying to drill a hole in a plate that bumps up against the post. It shouldn't be the case with this one. I didn't paint this one but I did really clean it up. It was filthy and I plan to do some wood...
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    Finishing my Nantong Drill Press

    I agree. My I had to cordon off my shop. When I finally built a separate shop I found many pieces missing or damaged. It is frustrating. By the way, what did you use the drill press for? Jim
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    I can lift my 80 Lb. milling machine vise with one hand!

    I like the idea. I think I will make one and pivot it from the wall since it won't be as easy to attach to my mill. Nice Job
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    Finishing my Nantong Drill Press

    Finishing my Nantong Drill Press...
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    My Bridgeport Rebuilding with modfications

    I believe it was original. I plans to use a variable speed, permanent magnet D.C. motor. The old brush motor is quite noisy. It is single phase as well. I agree, controlling the speed with a VFD or D.C. motor is great. I used a 3 phase motor with a VFD on my Logan lathe. Jim
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    My Bridgeport Rebuilding with modfications

    Part II Bridgeport head assembly THIS IS THE BRIDGEPORT...
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    DeKups makes "De" spraying easier

    Do you avoid spray painting because of the difficulty in handling the paint and cleanup? Well, DeVilbiss has developed a system called DeKups (what else) that is an amazing addition to their guns as well as other brands of guns. Basically it is a quick change and quick cleanup system. The...
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    Anyone for a real Trestle Bridge? Thanks to John Green who saw the post and passed this on. It is the Naval Air Station in Tillamook, Oregon and how they used the ring system in construction. Jim
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    Spray Painting on the Cheap

    Spray Painting on the Cheap Spray Painting on the Cheap The purpose of this post is to point out that you don't have to have expensive equipment to do a...
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    4"x 6" Bandsaw Mods

    I like your modifications. I bought a used Jet that I assume is similar. The blade keeps popping off. My friend says jokingly, "only when you are trying to cut something." Have you had that problem? Jim
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    Bridgeport Lubrication Modifications.

    I had been told by several rebuilders that the Bridgeport oiling system left something to be desired so I decided to make some modifications after receiving my rebuilt quill assembly with instructions to keep the oil off the sealed bearings as it seeps into them and ruins them. In addition, I...
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    Bridgeport Lubrication??

    In rebuilding the Bridgeport 1-J I came upon some conflicting advice regarding lubrication. Below the gearbox is where the main lubrication for the quill and other gears get lubrication. Looking at these pictures you see a lubricating tube as it sticks through the housing. Below is a felt pad...
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    VFD for my old Logan Lathe

    A little over a year ago I added a VFD to to Logan lathe. I inherited it from my dad and used it as a kid in a frame up restoration I did on a '29 Ford Model A coupe. I remember turning spacers on it when I converted from mechanical to hydraulic brakes. I bought a new motor on ebay. The three...
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    The Jeep--"The teachable moment."

    My friend Lynn and I volunteer at a local nonprofit Arboretum–Mt. Pisgah. You can look up some of our activities at my Mt. Pisgah bridge post and the one on fixing up DR mowers. One day I received a call from Tom, the site manager of Mt. Pisgah requesting our services. They have an older Chevy...
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    My Dad's radial steam engine

    I think the timing would be the hardest to duplicate without tearing it down. Most likely we will not touch it. Jim