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  1. J

    Making a set of Wallaby castings

    Some time ago bezalel2000 posted pics and build notes for a set of Wallaby castings he made from his own patterns. I like casting and pattern making so I was inspired to have a crack at doing the same thing. The Wallaby is a 2 cylinder, 4 stroke, IC engine with a 360 degree twin...
  2. J

    Metal Casting in Nepal

    He isn't making an engine part, but this metal casting couple in Nepal have the process fine tuned. He even has some Benihana style moves when he raps out the pattern.
  3. J

    New Shed

    I haven't been able to do much machining for a while because I've been busy dealing with real estate issues - but it's all in service to a good cause. I've been working out of 1 bay of a 3 bay garage, but the space was limiting the number and size of machines I could have. I wanted a bigger shop...
  4. J

    electronic ignition question

    I have a question about electronic CDI ignitions: The CDI units designed for model aircraft typically have a hall effect sensor activated by a magnet attached to the crankshaft. This makes perfect sense for a two stroke. When the piston hits TDC the magnet passes the sensor which gives a...
  5. J

    Atkinson Differential Engine

    Not being content with already having an engine project going, I decided to have a go at the Vince Gingery Atkinson differential design. This is another engine designed by Mr Atkinson in the late 19th century, but it is quite unlike the Atkinson cycle engine that is more familiar to people...
  6. J

    Daimler/Maybach "Standuhr" 1885

    Back in June I found myself in Stuttgart with a day to spare, so I visited the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Museums. I highly recommend both places- but I'm pretty sure the sort of people who frequent HMEM would need no encouragement to visit these cathedrals of automotive engineering. When you...
  7. J

    Gingery Atkinson Cycle Engine

    I completed this engine to a running state a couple of weeks ago. I need to take it apart now and get the parts powder coated so that it looks pretty. It's a by-the-plans rendition of the Atkinson engine described in Vince Gingery's book. As my first four stroke it was a nice engine to build and...