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    For Sale Craftsman Atlas 12” Lathe w/tools $2000

    Craftsman Atlas 12 inch Lathe -circa mid 1940’s. This was my father’s lathe and selling as part of estate. 36 inch bed. Motor replaced -1/2 hp. Very well maintained by retired mechanic. Includes all the pieces in the pictures. Contact me and I will try to get info or can FaceTime to see it...
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    Can anyone help identify these various pieces?

    Thank you very much. I will do some more digging now that I have this info.
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    Can anyone help identify these various pieces?

    Thanks for the assist.
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    Can anyone help identify these various pieces?

    Hello. I posted a few days ago about trying to identify some pieces for my fathers lathe so I have an idea what I am looking at in order to sell as part of his estate. I am attaching couple of photos - he had a nice board made up that holds the majority of the items- I just don’t know anything...
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    Seeking info

    Hello all. I came across this forum while researching my fathers lathe. I have been tasked with settling his estate which included 4 garages of collectibles he gathered over 90 years. One of the items he was most proud of was a Craftsman Atlas lathe he bought when he was 16 years old. I am...