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    First 4 Stroke First V twin.

    Hi Started building V Twin 4 Stroke 35CC Engine from Plans from Germany. This is the same model Ghosty has built. Started with Crankcase In December Last year 2021. Built various pieces in an order I thought was appropriate for my skill level. The next images in in a bit of a random order...
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    Coaxial Centering indicator VS wobbler

    Hi, I seem to be having difficulty with my new Axial Centering dial indicator as pictured below, VS a wobbler also below. It seems to me that I get different results finding the center of a hole between the two devices and it appears the the wobbler is more accurate. I say this because when...
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    Plan Order from Cad-modelltchnik-jung in Gemany

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has ordered plans from cad-modelltechnik-jung Online-Shop der Fa. CAD+Modelltechnik Jung and received them. I ordered some plans on the 11th of October and have received no feed back as to the progress of the order. I have sent 3 emails inquiring if they had...
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    First Running Engine

    Hi, After almost a year of trying and 4 attempts at different engines I finally got one to run. This one was built from RCM&E Plans for the Whittaker Firefly 46. I finally understood the honeing process and was able to measure the taper in the bore properly. I still have issues. I cannot not...
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    My First Engine Build

    Hi, I discovered this forum while searching for projects to build with my lathe. I purchase a lathe around 4 months ago. I have never used a lathe before but wanted to make an IC engine. First I just made some simple bushes, Kurled knobs, ornaments and a Gyroscope.. I found the MP3.2 plans on...