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    Bashed version of the siamese twins

    Not siamese anymore but still twins. A very bashed version from Dave Goodfellow's plans. The flywheels where made last April along with most of the engine, was able to finnish it over the holidays. The cylinders are 1" aluminum bar, 1.75 long with brass lining. The base is 1/4 plate made to...
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    110v vs 220v

    Most of the equipment I have can be run on 110v or 220v, in a home shop environment what are the advantages/disadvantages? For example, the air compressor runs alot develops 5hp :big: runs @ 2hp ::) motor output is 2.25kw (per lable on motor) Kurt P.S. Been away from HMEM since about May...
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    quick change tool posts

    I use feeler gauges i find at flea markets to shim up the cutters in my mini lathe tool holder, I write the gauge thickness on the cutter to save time but the height changes when the tool is ground/modified, would a quick change tool post be a good idea, it looks like they have a knob that...
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    Machine taper adapters

    Found a new w/key Jacobs #0 0-5/32 chuck at a flea market last weekend, bought it for a little less than the cost of a can of soda. I would like to use it on my mini drill press but need an adaptor, the drill press is JT33 and the chuck is JT0, so the adapter would need to be 33 female on one...
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    How a rookie makes a flywheel

    I came up with this idea because I don't have a mill...yet! I actually chose the engine to build after I designed the flywheels (engine not done yet). The basic demensions are .495 thick, 2.325 dia. 0.20 rim, and a 0.725 hub, the spokes are 0.150. I started with a puck and removed all but 0.075...
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    What mill??

    First let me say I don't have a milling machine, but one will be added to the shop in the future, uh...for work ;) If you needed a mill for repair work not production and for this type of hobby...... and lets say you need a machine larger than the mini-mill...... and had to buy new..... what...
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    From the shadows

    I have been practicing the 3 "L"s (lurk, listen and learn) for about a month now and just posted a video of my first engine. I bought a lathe a couple of years ago for work with "0" experience, made a few items like repair bushings and such and as I was servicing the lathe recently I thought...
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    First attempt

    This is my first attempt, built from McCabes "45" plans, I turned this into a "90". Idles slow and has a distinct exhaust pop, makes you want to close your eyes or turn away and just listen, so turn up your volume!