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  1. Gordon

    Camshaft design

    Is there any place where I can find information on basic cam design? Base diameter, working angle and lift are somewhat determined by the basic engine design. What I am trying to determine is how is the flank radius calculated. On the cam drawings that I have looked at the radius and the center...
  2. Gordon

    Engine sucks but will not blow

    Some time ago I built an Upshur Horizontal Twin and was never able to get it to run. I just could not get compression. I blamed it on rings or poor bore and finally just set it aside for a while. Later I built a similar engine of my own design but larger with 1" bore c 1 1/4 stroke. I again have...
  3. Gordon

    Carbide inserts

    I have a lathe tool holder which came with TCMT32.51 yellow inserts. Amazon offers these as well as TCMT32.52 Brozen. Not sure what Brozen is but as I read it the 2 at then end is the tip radius. 1=1/64 radius and 2=1/32 radius. Would the larger radius give a smoother cut? My problem with...
  4. Gordon


    I am wondering which browser and operating system that folks are using. I used Chrome for several years until recently when I got a new laptop and decided to try Edge. That was because I had been told that Chrome was vulnerable to viruses hacking and did not protect my computer. The latest...
  5. Gordon


    I am attempting to run an engine on propane. I have tried in the past and could never get it to work. In looking at the information available I am just getting more confused. I have an adjustable regulator from a gas grill and I have a demand valve made with the Tecumseh diaphragm. The first...
  6. Gordon

    Air Compressor ID

    I acquired an old air compressor. Don't ask. Sometimes I just do dumb things. It is 2 1/2 bore x 2" stroke. The valves are leaking and I have not been able to repair them and I cannot find out who made the compressor so I cannot find replacement valves. I am not really understanding what is...
  7. Gordon

    Moral- On my shop wall for years

  8. Gordon

    Lost spark coil

    Folks refer to lost spark ignition when running two cylinder engines. They seem to be using motorcycle or snowmobile ignition coils. Specifically what should I be looking for when trying to find a coil? Some folks talk about using a very cheap coil but what I find doing a search is frequently...
  9. Gordon

    Grooved wheel

    How do you make a grooved wheel? I want to make a small tube bender to bend 3/16 to 5/16 tubing. This requires a radiused groove in a small wheel. In the past I have roughed out the groove and finished it with a file. I have also tried grinding a HS tool bit to the proper size but have not been...
  10. Gordon

    Leveling casters

    I just purchased and installed some leveling casters on my DoAll band saw. I was dubious but I have to say that these work quite well. I would not want to move it across the shop but it allows me to move it away from the wall so that I can get at the back of it. I am seriously thinking about...
  11. Gordon

    Bore stroke ratio

    What is the result of making a larger or smaller bore/stroke ratio. Presently I have an engine with 1.25 bore with 1.5 stroke. I want this engine to run slower. As is usually the case with these small engines power is not a large factor. We want it to run smoothly. I can quite easily change...
  12. Gordon

    Deleting posts

    Is there any way to delete a post once it is started? I have had it happen a couple of times where I was working on a post and I lost the connection to the forum. I has left the partial post someplace in cyberspace so I started a new post. Later the original shows up and there is no way to...
  13. Gordon

    Hold a gear for cutting?

    I just stripped a gear on an engine and now I have to make a new gear. The first gear was brass and obviously was not strong enough. I am making a new one out of steel. I just purchased a set of divider plates for my rotary table so that I could cut gears. This is great, now I get to play with...
  14. Gordon


    Is there any software which would allow making decals or logos which could re scale and print existing images as a decal? I am presently making a 1/8 scale oil pull Rumely and I can find images of the logo but they are all way too big and I do not know of any way to make something which could be...
  15. Gordon

    Carburetor question

    I remember seeing a rule of thumb regarding the ratio of carburetor bore diameter to cylinder bore but I do not remember what it was. I am currently working on an engine for the 1/8 scale Oil Pull Rumely I am working on. I have a 1 1/4 bore and I put on a carburetor which I had made some time...
  16. Gordon

    Specifications last forever

    The US Standard railroad gauge (distance between rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Because that's the way they built them in England, and the first US railroads were built by English expatriates. Why did the English people build them like...
  17. Gordon


    Does anyone have a good way to mark tooling. I am talking about marking the size on small cutting tools like reamers etc. Things like the vibrating engravers will not mark hardened tools and a rotary engraver does not work well on small diameter tools like 1/8". Electrostatic engravers are too...
  18. Gordon

    South Bend lathe

    Just relaxing today so I have a new question. I have a 13" South Bend lathe which I have had for about 12 years and have used a lot. I have done some maintenance and repair as needed but I have never really tried any major rebuild. I was not aware until recently that the lube for parts of the...
  19. Gordon

    Measure internal taper

    How would I accurately measure an internal taper? This came up as I was trying to determine the taper inside the headstock on my South Bend lathe. It is either #5 or a SB special taper. I was thinking about making an adaptor to fit 5C collets instead of the external holder I now have. I have...
  20. Gordon

    Piston ring heating

    What temperature do you use for heating piston rings? Trimble says 1400° Others say 1100° and I just read Chaddock says 950° I have an old kiln which means that I can control the temperature. What have others been using?