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  1. hermetic

    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    Hi Chaps, many of you have suggested that I post all my videos in one thread, and I have decided to give it a go and see how it works out. From now on I will post in this thread every week, starting with these offerings. As usual some things go right, and some don't. You do have to be carefull...
  2. hermetic

    A cooker hood, a smoky Allday Forge, and a noisy lathe, my week in the shop

    Well it has been an interesting week! I filled the bosh on the forge, added a bottle of CH leak sealer, and waited! after 3 days, not a drop of a leak. One of my earlier slideshows shows the rebuilding (twice) of the bosh/tuyere on the Allday forge, it is cast iron, and not very accurately made...
  3. hermetic

    A truly sh*tty week!

    Hi guys and gals, some weeks, the sh*t quite literally hits the fan, and suddenly it is friday afternoon, and you wonder where it all went, and all you want is to go home and forget it ever happened, I call this video, "stress poop and a diatribe" you will learn why when you watch it! Normal...
  4. hermetic

    an in depth look at present and future projects, warning man with dirty face!!

    More garage projects to see! Hi all, I have just put up this weeks look at present and future projects in my garage/workshop, hope you enjoy it, sorry about the black face, and thanks for all the likes and subscriptions I have recieved, if you like what you see, you could subscribe too...
  5. hermetic

    My workshop tour

    a video tour of my workshop, not really a model maker, more like experimental and prototype tinkerer, inventor and general messer about in workshops! Hope you like is, like and subscribe if you do, I am tryig to make a video every week about what I have been doing, or anything that I might be...
  6. hermetic

    Colchester Student lathe refurb

    Hi guysa few weeks ago I finished the rebuild and repaint on my lathe, and also did a few repairs to it, including removing several loose spare parts from the bottom of both gearboxes, and putting them back where they should have been!I have also got a nearly new set of spindle bearings for this...
  7. hermetic

    Rebuilding my Alcosa Forge

    Hi Guys, about 25 yeras ago, I bought this Alcosa forge at an auction. It was out of a local school and had a rotten throatplate. I got a new throatplate made, and put it in a damp shed for the next 20 yearstill I got a round tuit. I took delivery of the round tuit a few weeks ago, and now it is...