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    I really wish I had...'s going to be different for everyone. There is, for all of us, that one tool or accessory that we have always drooled over. One piece of kit that we are always looking at but never seem to drop the cash for. What is the one thing that you think would make your shop complete? On...
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    Lathe stand gloat!!

    On a hunch I called a local auction house to see if they had any Steelcase desks in storage somewhere. Sometimes they won't sell at one auction so they buy them for a buck or two and when they get a pile they have an in-house sale. They just had that sale 2 weeks ago and sold everything they...
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    My mill is growing tentacles!

    Needing both light and a chip shield on my G0704 I borrowed V 45's light mount idea, and also made a block for mounting my gooseneck chip shield. The light mount is almost identical to V's except I mounted the power jack on the back side. Otherwise I would just end up hamfisting the dang...
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    What size wire?

    I need to run 15 feet from the 220 outlet to my new lathe, a Grizzly 12 x 36. The motor is a 220 volt single phase and is rated at 9 amps. What is the optimum wire gauge for this situation?
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    My take on the tangential tool holder.

    I have been meaning to make one of these for quite some time now. My earlier attempts were less than stellar performers and I knew I could do better. Here it is sitting atop my homemade QCTP. THe holder is made from 7075 T6 aluminum, the bit is a piece of Rex AAA 5/16" square held in place with...
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    Just watched "The Rite" w/Anthony Hopkins.

    Great movie if you haven't seen it! Not a lot of bad language and no real gore, but just a good psychological thriller.
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    From CNN's website just now.

    You can't make this stuff up folks... :big:
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    Trust me...

    there is NOT enough room to reach in between the stone and chuck while the surface grinder is running. I don't care how high you raise the spindle, turn the damn thing off. This is gonna' hurt like Hades tomorrow!! Luckily I just lost a patch of hide.
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    My knurler.

    Nothing unique or revolutionary but I built it and here it is. And the results with coarse wheels on 3/4" 360 brass.
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    Absolutely chuffed to bits!

    Today I cut my very first metric single point thread! :big: I have been working a 3 3/4" diameter lump of mystery steel down into the shape of an ER32 collet chuck for my 7x12 for the past several days. Today I finished turning the collet boss to diameter (40 mm or 1.575 for us Colonial types)...
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    It was bound to happen sooner or later.

    I broke one of the 80 tooth gears on my 7x12 yesterday. I was working on my homebrew ER32 collet chuck when it happened. I was paying a little too much attention to the cut and not enough to how close I was getting to the headstock. I am just so used to having a 4 inch chuck on the spindle...
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    Durability of hard silver solder?

    I am rebuilding an older Barnett crossbow and I need to repair some wear damage to the sear. All of the trigger components are made from mild steel and have grooves worn in them. Ideally I would replicate all the damaged components in something more durable but there are some pretty complex...
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    No pics of my shop yet...

    but this is just as exciting I think... I am posting this from the shop. I rehabilitated my wife's old castoff laptop and ran a cable out to my retreat so I can easily access all my important sites! It's going to be nice to step back from a project, take a break and catch up on the posts! Not...
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    Natutral gas torch?

    What would be involved in changing a large propane torch (the weed burner/ice melter kind) over to use natural gas? It seems like such a torch would be good for dumping large volumes of heat into a part without the hassle of using propane tanks or bottles. Plus my shop is already plumbed for gas.
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    I want to give you all some advice.

    Those of you who are fortunate enough to have a mentor, be it a father, grandfather, uncle, whatever, do not take them for granted. My father has worked with his hands his whole life, a self taught welder and machinist with skills that rival anyone I have ever met. He will turn 74 this July and...
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    Cleaning up the new LMS milling vise.

    As promised here are the pics of my new toy. We'll start with a side shot. BTW the gunk is dragon fat, not rust: Next a close-up of the swivel base. Some folks hate them, I plan to use the heck out of mine! Here's a pic showing more grease, and the nicely ground surfaces (on TOP...the...
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    Little Machine Shop vise.

    I finally broke down and ordered myself a 3" milling vise. LMS had them on special for $75 and I can't turn down a bargain. This is the same vise that Enco sells under their brand name. My first thought on opening the box was "Damn...that thing's cute!". It looks for all the world like the 6"...
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    Will stainless screws gall in 6061 aluminum?

    I have a good supply of 8-32's on hand that I would like to use in my toolholders, and just wonder if they will gall up on me.
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    Can I cold blue 12L14?

    I started building my new QCTP today and the only suitable sized block I had on hand was 12L14. Man I love working with that material!! I made the toolpost body out of that, and found a nice piece of 303 to make the cam and retaining post from. The pistons and handle will be O1 drill rod. So how...
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    What the heck would you call this?

    I want to make a couple of flex-neck chip shields for my lathe and mill. I have a clamp-on magnifying glass that I really like, and would like to use the same flexxy stuff for the chip shields but I have had no luck locating it by itself. Here's a pic of the magnifier: Any ideas? I guess I...