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    020 decauville

    Hello folks Well I'm starting a new project, and hope it will end better than the previous two projects, which I must admit, has been placed on the "might work one day" shelf. The new project is a 45mm Loco - the 020 DeCauville, just like this ...
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    Dividing head

    Hello Folks Just wanted to present my latest project. It is a diving tool, this is the first step in my plan of building a clock Any comment is welcome
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    Paint brush spray

    Hello Folks As I've had some difficulties with the steam valve on my Padle Steam Engine, I needed a new project. I have now just finished a paint brush, and this work very well, at least when tested with water Any comment is welcome
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    Building a bench top mill

    Hi to you all I have started to think about building a bench top mill of my own. I got this crazy idea to make the machine base in reenforced concrite, and would like to hear some comments on this idea. I have only been able to find very little on this subject on the internet, mainly about CNC...
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    Alternative to Engine

    Hello Folks Should you ever get tired of building engines (god forbit), maybe a contraption like this could be a challenge Not sure where to obtain plans for the project :big: :big:
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    Paddle Steam Engine

    Hello Folks Well I finally got started on my next project. It will be an engine type looking a bit like the ones used in paddle steamers, the type where the paddle wheel was behind the hull. A CAD of the hole project : The project so far : I also would like to show a close up on the...
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    Steam paddler engine project

    Hi All Now my next project is finished in the virtual world, now I have to go to the shop and see if I can make the pile of material tranform into something that will look like the digital form. Any comment is welcome before I start cutting metal Mogens
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    Testrun Triple Expansion Engine

    Hi All Just wanted to introduce you all to a video of the first testrun off my latest project Mogens
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    My Side Lever Engine came to live

    Hi All This night I finished my last part for the engine, Tatoomike66 encourage me to put a video in this forum, actually I put it in lots of forums as I'm so happy with the result