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    Return Crank setting

    It is a pity this thread, like so many on this subject, ignores two important aspects. Using the eccentric rod jig to determine its length depends, among other things, on firstly: 1) setting the return crank position accurately so that the pin is accurately on a line at 90deg to the line...
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    viton o-rings

    Sorry, you are wrong on all counts. Look in the literature quoted above. Rob
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    Silver braze/solder

    You are indeed reading it wrongly. It clearly said "........if this is not done, you are not brazing"
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    Silver braze/solder

    From the Cupalloys site: 'One definition in British Standards defines brazing as : "a process of joining generally applied to metals in which, during or after heating, molten filler is drawn into or retained in the space between closely adjacent surfaces of the parts to be...
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    UK Model Boilers

    It is important to note that the rule is not in terms of bar/litre (bars per litre, pressure divided by the capacity), but is in bar-litres (i.e. pressure multiplied by the capacity) as correctly stated in the original. So for the same number of bar-litres, as the boiler capacity reduces, its...
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    Two Questions- Purpose of Crown Stay & Sequence of Assembly

    Whilst an old thread, I'd like to add that for a round-top firebox, although crown stays are not needed for strength there, it is often forgotten that if such stays connect the top of the firebox to the outer wrapper they do take the stress off the foundation ring which otherwise takes all the...