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    Miniature QC Tool Post System

    I agree completely! ;D -another guy named Todd
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    Miniature QC Tool Post System

    What a brilliant set-up! Thm:
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    The way it used to be (and still is)

    Aside from the lack of safety glasses it looks like a fun place to work.
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    Where to buy belt drive?

    This vid is a good start:
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    Where to buy belt drive?

    I never got around to changing gears on my mill as I did the belt drive very early on. However I DID do the gear change on my 7x12 lathe which is basically the same gearbox as the x2. Changing out to metal main gears was not a bad job, just make sure to take good pics of the spindle before you...
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    Where to buy belt drive?

    Try this:
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    Where to buy belt drive?

    Out of Stock
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    Carbide parting off tool

    I have worked in production shops on lathes up to 48" swing where big beefy carbide is the rule. Now that I am retired and running my own lathe (12x36) I have re-discovered the joys of a good HSS parting tool. I am not talking about the crappy Chinese flat blades. I grind my own out of 1/2"...
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    gripping the inside of a small hole

    Take a look at this:
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    Have a laugh!

    Made it as far as: "Makes my farts sound louder. The hair must have acted as a interlocking silencer.. I give this the big thumbs up. 5/5" and nearly threw up I was laughing so hard!! :big:
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    I really wish I had...

    Well, my 2 piece vise from Enco arrived. I didn't get any before pics because I was in a hurry to start tweaking it. As with most things Chinese it was HORRIBLY out of square. I had to take almost .050" off the bottoms just to get full contact with the mill table. This is the reason that most...
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    April 25

    Brothers in arms mate...brothers in arms! :bow:
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    insert for boring bar

    If you can scratch the gear bore with a file you can cut it with carbide.
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    I really wish I had...

    Guess what I just broke down and bought...a 2 piece milling vise. :big:
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    I really wish I had...

    What mill are you using it on?
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    I really wish I had...

    Folding guitar? Would love to see a write-up on that!
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    I really wish I had...'s going to be different for everyone. There is, for all of us, that one tool or accessory that we have always drooled over. One piece of kit that we are always looking at but never seem to drop the cash for. What is the one thing that you think would make your shop complete? On...
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    Fun with my daughter and a magnifying glass

    Does it make me evil because I was expecting there to be ants involved? :big:
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    Lathe stand gloat!!

    On a hunch I called a local auction house to see if they had any Steelcase desks in storage somewhere. Sometimes they won't sell at one auction so they buy them for a buck or two and when they get a pile they have an in-house sale. They just had that sale 2 weeks ago and sold everything they...
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    1/16" drill rod? These guys ship to Canada quite happily: