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    Mini double-acting beam engine

    Nice little engine and a good runner. Funny to see the massive air inlet compared to the rest of the engine :D
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    Longboy's "OVER 90" Stirling engine.

    Longboy Very nice smooth running engine - very well done job. I've seen graphite mentioned as part for these sterling engines, where do one obtain graphite ?
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    Walking Beam Sterling - It runs!

    Hi Charlie Now thats a beauty, nice running and a wonderful sound - well done. :bow:
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    First book for a newbie?

    Buy or go to the library and get this one : I find it very informative and well written and with very good instructions
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    020 decauville

    Hello folks Well I'm starting a new project, and hope it will end better than the previous two projects, which I must admit, has been placed on the "might work one day" shelf. The new project is a 45mm Loco - the 020 DeCauville, just like this ...
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    sketchup help

    Maybe this can help
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    Digital Height Gage (almost finished)

    Hi Chuck Wish all the best with finishing your tool, but I think it's more complicated as needed. I have made my scriper years ago, and if you accept that the refrence (zero) point is above 16 mm of the footplate of the tool, this construction is much simpler.
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    Otto motor

    kadora Very well looking job you have done, hope you will succeed bringing it to life, please don't forget to bring us all a video when you get there.
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    v twin oscillator plans?

    I have build one of this guys' engine, it's a good running engine and a nice design to build
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    Building a crankshaft

    ZapJack Looking very well, have been in a similar situation, the feeling when the crankshaft run well in the bearings after many hours of work, is very satisfying.
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    Beginner plan?

    Hello Charlie My very first project was this engine : You can see photo of the one I build here : I did actually build this engine on a home made lathe
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    Beginner plan?

    Charlie Maybe you should try out this site too:
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    Sorry for the late reply, but I too would like to thank TUPS for the link to the original video. I always love the kind of videos and documentary where you see the parts being made and not only the finished parts.
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    Tubing bender (updated)

    Hi George Thanks for the updated plans and also thanks a lot for the photos very inspiring.
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    Finished Vise Project

    Hello folks Been away for a while, I like this little vise too, very nice job :bow:
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    BollAero 18.... Never thought It would work...

    I can only agree - this is a very impressive result for a first IC Engine, I feel inspired - Thanks !
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    Machinist Calulator Prog for Nextbook2

    Hi Tin I have to admit, that I have just got me self a smartphone, and is in the process of learning. I have made my first application for Android, (a HSS tool speed calculator, you can see a screenshot on my website) and have found that when the android system finds an APK-file that is not...
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    Machinist Calulator Prog for Nextbook2

    Hi Tin Do you have an email account setup on your tablet ?
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    New guy, an attempt at the elbow engine.

    RustyKnife Thanks for sharing a great build with us. Dont forget to put some shim between the crubscrew and piston before you bend the pistons. I'm excitede to know is the piston will stay in 90° or tend to fall back a little
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    ShopShoes First -- Elmers No 43

    Hi ShopShoe Now thats a nice little engine, I love the cam track