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  1. Motormagican

    South Bend C9-10JR 9x24

    Well, not that I have been home in Texas for 2 months, I started looking for a lathe. I have seen a number of them on the internet and would like some assistance and thoughts. I am looking at a South Bend C9-10JR; the person is wanting $400.00 for it and I will have to travel 4 hours to just...
  2. Motormagican

    Third Project, 1912 Indian

    Now that I finished the 1886 Benz, I will start on scaling plans for a 1912 Indian Motorcycle. It will fit in with the year vehicles I plan to build (one day). I hope to retire and move back to Texas at which point I plan on purchasing a lathe and mill. I hope to make the engine run this time...
  3. Motormagican

    Brass Cleaner

    Hello, I see all the great engines and equipment here. I am almost finished with the 1886 Benz and wanted to know how to best clean and polish the brass. Any ideas will be appreicated.
  4. Motormagican

    No lathe or mill just using what I have

    Hello, I have been following this site for a while now and have been building brass models in remote locations in Alaska. I am currently working on a 1/8 scall 1886 Benz. I hope to get a lathe and mill once I get home. Here is my progress so far. Thank you for a nice site.