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  1. MatiR

    Yet Another Stirling: Jan Ridders Bas Finally Done

    Just before Christmas last year, I saw Kustomkb's Bas build and got the plans from Jan Ridders. What was to have been a "Christmas Holiday" project took some time but it is finally done! I followed Jan's excellent drawings fairly closely, making only minor changes as available materials...
  2. MatiR

    Mills Brothers 1.3 Mark I

    Hello Everyone: I saw Metal Mickey's post on his Mills Brothers 1.3 build quite some time ago and was inspired to try my hand at it as I had the MEB issue with the plans. Here it is on a display stand. i just finished a test bench to try to run it (probably next weekend). I got the mineral oil...
  3. MatiR

    Hoglet in progress

    Had my camera at home after all; though that I had taken it to work. As promised in my recent Upshur Twin thread, here are some quick pics of the Hoglet in progress. Plans are from Model Engine Builder magazine after the design of Randall Cox. I changed the fly wheel design to single disks from...
  4. MatiR

    First engine finally done - Upshur Twin

    Hello everyone – first post here after lurking for some time. Finally got my first engine done after buying a Sherline lathe and mill a couple of years ago. It was built from plans in Model Engine Builder magazine and seemed like a good first time project to learn how to use a lathe and mill...