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    Self starting single d/a wobbler

    For a lockdown project Im building a small steam boat designed by Vic Smeed named River Princess she is the smallest of the Wide Awake style of boat I wanted to make the plant as simple as possible using a single cylinder engine. Normally they wont self start so this one has a kickstart built...
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    Half sized Moriya

    Just a few pics of my latest build of a 1/2 scale Moriya I had been building a rotating cylinder Ringbom that is nearly a runner but as yet no cigar so took a break and built a smaller version of Moriya with a few mods Bore of power piston 0.360 stroke 0.6 inch Displacer 0.5 dia stroke 0,6 inch...
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    Ericsson Pumping engine

    After more cunning plans than Blackadder this engine is nearly finished I dont know who made the castings as they have been through several owners The beam had to be machined from the solid and the geometry redrawn due to errors by a previous builder All in all its ending up more like the...
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    Cracker T

    Just a little video of my Cracker T running in Need to sort out the howling flue and a few bits but she is well and truly a runner A couple of pics and a couple of a simple draw plate to form small copper D section. It was made from a bit of 1/2 inch square key steel and has done a decent job...
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    Clyde Puffer Miniature Steam Plant Build

    Hi, I dont know why but Iv a an infinity with the wee Puffer my first was 48 inches the next 23 and after seeing Les Propers litte one on you tube kept thinking I would like one of those but slightly smaller around 11 to 12 inches I have pinched a few ideas from Less videos and also a few...
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    HR27 Ringbom revisted

    Hi, not a blow by blow build thread just simply a few bits n bobs as I go I made this engine a few years ago but used it and a Moriya as a swap for some 2inch Ericsson casting that had seen better day.This build has reached a stage of never ending fettling and just needed a break and used to...
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    Making a gear cutting Hob

    Maybe a daft question but this muddled model engineer canna figure out When making a hob for example 48 dp 20 degree pressure angle how do you work out the the spacing for the cutting teeth Iv made several single point cutters using the button method but fancy trying a hob as it will save...
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    Cylinder drain cocks

    Does anyone have a drawing they could share for cylinder drain cocks Im looking for a design around 5/32 x 40 tpi sized to use as a speed regulating valve on a 2inch bore Ericsson pumping engine. Many thanks frazer
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    Elliot Brothers Hot Air Engine

    Hi all, Im looking for information about the manufacturing company Elliot Brothers of Bishop Aukland County Durham England Any advice on how to search for info on the R H E Stirling engine they made circa 1900 I would like to make a model of it and it has a bit of a local connection making...
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    Rider rescue or Mr Drilling orphan

    Hi David, long time coming little video These castings had been severely butchered by I think a few people Even the pre milled surfaces were badly bowed as to why Iv no idea The crank center line is 6mm to the left of the cylinder centers so a wee bit of jiggling...
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    A Simple Fixed Steady

    Hi all it has been a long time since I posted any build/tooling threads , I recently had a small machining job that required 60 pins 0.107 dia for a 160 year old automata at 3 inches long with a 3 degree taper on one end Im not keen on doing this type of work mainly due to lazyightiss and had...
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    Wanted for Calorific No 1 Stirling engine loco

    Im looking to beg borrow or in the worst case buy two copies of The Model Engineer to Build Calorific Number ! designed by Roy Key July to August 1992 Volume 169 Issue 3924 and 3926 It a just for the fun of it build as she seems to be a little cracker...
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    Another small marine steam engine

    Hi all, just a few pics of my recently completed Malcolm Beak MB22 with the addition of a Scotch crank and bypass valve She is 3/8 bore and stroke double acting slide valve. The valve was simplified using gauge 1 loco practice just a simple round valve with the port formed by a D bit She is to...
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    Ryder-Erricsson Displacer

    Hi all,In slowly remachining a set of 2inch castings for the Ericsson Stirling engine that I recieved in a swap via David Jones Now at the stage of machining a liner when I find a supplier for the tube The question is has there been any alterations to the diameter of the displacer as a 1 3/4...
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    A Jan Ridders Duo

    As is customary and every one likes pics :big: This ties up my build of the Duo designed by Jan Ridders. It also is the end of my first build thread on this forum and has helped me get rid of a few demons along the way. Many thank for the support and encouragement. Finally a running video or...
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    A Jan Ridders Duo

    Hi,I must open this by thanking Jan for making his drawing so freely available. I don't usually post my builds partly because I am not very good at explaining and also I am just an amateur machinist so if you can see anything wrong or better ways to do a job please chip in The first part I...
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    url/mal alarm

    Hi please be gentel with me as I am a computer dunce.Of all things I was looking at some pics on the net of an oversized Mamod traction engine and now my Avast keeps giving an alarm message URL/Mal the network shield has an http//photoshop60./image message how do I reset or remove this virus...
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    Steam Launch Victorias first run

    Sorry if this in the wrong place as its not finished and being a boat build is it OK to post it on this forum? but seeing most people put there engines on a plinth maybe the hull counts. Another apology as theres no build thread as the project was started some time ago before I became a member...
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    Simple Spinning Project A Bowman burner

    Hi To save taking Bobs post of track I thought a post on spinning may be in order just simply to gather ideas together. I'm self taught so if you see anything wrong please shout up also I'm not very good at writing projects up that's why I usually keep quite :big: this is the burner I want to...
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    Santa Run

    Just finished the Santa run to the grand kids house,bike and dolls house delivered in one piece ,best of luck gents and have a happy self build experience Its like a military operation :big: best wishes to all Frazer