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    A Question about Generators

    Hi All, My Mind works in a very convoluted way sometimes. It occurred to me that Steel Flywheels would be perfect to simply stick Magnets to, and if I have a coil(s) of copper wire that these magnets rotate past then it would produce a voltage and current. This is basic Faraday's Law and the...
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    Learning to Sprint the 100m before we can walk

    Hi Guys, My engineering School encourages us to get into our learning by getting our hands dirty so as such I am putting my extremely limited knowledge to work. I am designing a simple Wobbler Steam Engine - Bore 20mm, Stroke 40mm for a capacity of about 12cc. There is about 10mm of overhead...
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    Technical Question about Steam Engine Plans

    Hi Guys, I am a bit new at this so please bear with me. I am a Mature Age Engineering Student studying Trade Engineering. I am currently creating a set of Drawings of Gerry's Beam Engine in Metric based upon the Metric Plans that Ken I drew up on one very large sheet and posted on this site...
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    Hullo from Or-straylia

    Hi Guys, I am a new member. I found this site by accident looking for some plans for a steam engine for a Trade Engineering training course I started this year. After we have learned the basics of lathes and mills and done a couple of starter projects we are allowed to make a more complex...