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    5" sine bar

    Hi I thought I'd see how accurate I can be so I made this. I'm quite pleased with how it came out. Roy.
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    annoying pop up.

    Hi can someone tell me why, every time I come on this site and click on 'NEW POSTS' I get this thing. any ideas? Roy.
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    Bogs's Paddleduck engine.

    Hi Just to show you what I've been doing for the past couple of months. thanks for looking. Roy.
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    Broadband speed

    Hi Does anyone out there know of a link to an ACCURATE online speedchecker? I know of three and the results are so wildly different I don't believe any of them. Within 30 seconds I can get from .65 on one to 1.9 on another and the third doesn't agree with either. Roy.
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    Adjustable mill table stops

    Hi I posted this over at MadModder and thought you might like to see it here. I just fitted some adjustable stops to my Chester Conquest mill and thought you might like to see. I've seen this done somewhere on the web but I can't for the life of me remember where, so I can't take credit...
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    Bandsaw bodgery

    Hi I have a small bandsaw from Warco. After some fitting and faffing around I managed to get it working properly but the one thing that annoyed me was, it was not designed to shut off automatically. 1 hours bodging later and I had this, The picture says it all really, all it needed...
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    tapping stand

    If anyone wants to make a tapping stand Lidl have a cheap drill stand with vise on Thursday for £13.00. Roy
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    someone stole my post!

    Hi I just looked on photobucket to see my stats and noticed that the pic of my engine has been viewed on a site called "". so I looked on there and my complete build post, pics and all, has been put on there by some cheeky chump who looks like he's trying to make out he built it...
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    nemett engine.

    Hi my Nemett 15cc engine is finished and running. build is here some pics and videos
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    Nemett 15cc 4 stroke engine.

    Hi people, well I've finally bitten the bullet and started building this engine. this won't be a blow by blow account, rather a show and tell as I (hopefully) finish a part. It will also take me a fair amount of time as I have to save for the material and tooling required, I've already come to...
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    a bandsaw sub table from MEW 179

    Hi I saw this in the latest issue of MEW and thought " what a good idea " so here's my attempt at it. heres the base with some clamps. the fence comes off for wider parts. heres a small item clamped up. and now the base is held in the saw vice. the base will go to within 1/2 a mil of the...
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    flip up toolholder for screwcutting

    Hi I read all the posts about this gadget and always fancied making one but never did. the latest issue of Model Engineers Workshop had an article about them so I decided to have a go. the back flipped up I changed the back slightly to a bar that fits straight into my QCTP to cut down on...
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    quick way to fix a dial gauge to a mill.

    Hi I've got a Chester Conquest mini mill and I needed to fix a dial gauge to the column. here's a quick way, dial gauge mounted on a clamp. and here it's mounted on the height stop. it doesn't show but the plunger contacts the underside of the head. quick, simple and cheap, what more...
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    small mod on a chester comet lathe.

    Hi For some time now I've been getting fed up with the topslide on my lathe. it gets in the way, it puts too much flex in the tool ( tool cutting on the return pass) and I only need it for cutting a taper. so I took it off. heres what I have now. I also made a seperate block to go in place...
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    making a gear cutter using ordinary milling cutters

    Hi all I've been trying to make a single tooth gear cutter using a form tool with hardened buttons and got nowhere. I read on another forum someone used a cone drill to form the cutter shape but I didn't have much luck with that either. so I thought' if I can't tilt the milling cutter tilt the...
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    change wheel storage

    this is one of the best ideas I've seen in Model Engineers Workshop mag. basically sheets of chipboard with half circles bolted together. so much better than a tower. Roy
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    basic dividing on a Chester Comet lathe

    Hi I thought I'd show you how I do this. this is my lathe, it's a Chester clone of the sieg c4. CAUTION turn the power OFF before you start anything like this!! here is the inside of the drive housing to start off I made this fitting, it's a flat bar with a square piece with a cross hole...
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    some of my tools and gadgets

    Hi I thought I'd show some bits and pieces I've made. I've only been doing this for a year so don't expect too much. :-[ if this is in the wrong place please move. first, a tapping stand, converted from a cheap Aldi drill stand then a tool grinding rest from Model engineers workshop a...
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    I just finished this

    Hi some pics of my latest project; yes, it's another one of those. ;D this is one and a half scale. the flywheel is 4 1/2 " dia. it runs nicely on 20psi. I haven't got a video recorder, sorry :( cheers Roy ps I've also made some gadgets and tooling but seeing as this site is ' home model...
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    Hi from Norwich UK

    Hi I'm Roy and I've been model engineering for about a year now. well, I call it that, others might disagree ;D I'm 63 and always wanted to try this lark but couldn't afford it. I've made a few things and I'll put some pics up later. I've been lurking round here for a while but I'm already...