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  1. RCW

    Common Scrap Steel

    Although I am a relative newbie, here are two things that I think I can pass along safely. I am just starting to get into machining. But I have had a shop of sorts for years, and that shop has often been frustrating, particularly finding stuff. Now that I am a little older--and hopefully...
  2. RCW

    I like the new format on the opening page.

    The opening page is clean and neat. This should be very inviting to first time visitors. :)
  3. RCW

    My Hodgson 9 Radial Final Assembly

    I am in awe of your workmanship. --Bob
  4. RCW

    Avoid discount_machine Ebay seller

    Thanks. I appreciate your suggestion and your candor. I'm an expert "not knower!" Bob
  5. RCW

    Avoid discount_machine Ebay seller

    Love your Charlie Brown forum name! Thanks, Ian, for the information. Did you happen to order this vise? If so, what did you think of it? If not, does it look OK? Many people have given me advice...
  6. RCW

    Avoid discount_machine Ebay seller

    Some months ago I bought a Shars 1/2 inch drill chuck with an integral NMTB 40 shank from this vendor. It was far cheaper than anyone else, and I was apprehensive. When it arrived I was relieved. It has almost no run out, and the fit and finish are superb. I am very pleased with it. I also...
  7. RCW

    Stuart triple - types of metals to get

    .. and keep filing reports, with pictures! Beautiful workmanship. --Bob
  8. RCW

    Corliss steam engine plans

    Give us an update if convenient. Thanks! Bob
  9. RCW

    Has anyone built this engine?

    Has anyone built this engine?
  10. RCW

    Small 3 ph motor

    I asume that motor is long gone, but I'd kinda like to know any detail you might remember. HP? Washer model number? Thanks!