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    Alternatives to Bentonite clay

    Hi Did a quick search on the old googler and found these guys (Disclaimer I have no connection with the company in question.) Maybe a donation to the beer fund would render you a bag or two of casting sand? Could be worth a try.
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    1.75" Minnie Traction Engine

    That is so lovely!
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    Frisco Standard

    Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous!
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    Gear Cutting

    Now I'm confused. I've been using this for years with satisfactory results:
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    Gear Cutting

    In addition to what's allready been mentioned about using the correct cutter, based on the picture it looks like you might be cutting the teeth too deep. To calculate the cutting depth we multiply the module of 0.8 with the magical number of 2.157 which gives us 1.7256mm, lets call it 1.73. So...
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    Cutting oil

    Denatured alcohol works wonders for aluminium. Dirt cheap and works every bit as well as WD40. As a bonus it doesn't leave any residue on the workpiece, if anything it comes out cleaner than it got in.
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    Making sodium silicate with cat litter

    But surely it must be possible to source it locally? Here in Sweden you can buy it in any home improvement store. It's used as a cement and concrete sealer.
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    Wow! That is gorgeous!
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    crank shaft

    Any metal with a similar specific density to bronze will do. I used cast iron instead of bronze for the flywheel rims. Cast irons specific density is roughly 85%-ish of bronze so rims were made slightly oversize to compensate for the lost mass. There are two other parts on the Hoglet that can...
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    Kick start bearing

    Happy to help. I made my own chain cogs. The one on the kicker end was drilled, bored and then carefully hand reamed to 10mm with a slightly worn reamer that I know won't go oversize. If I remember correctly the bearing is 0.01 or 0.02 mm oversize which provided for an excellent press fit. No...
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    Kick start bearing

    Having almost completed a metric version of the Hoglet, I had to make my own gear and use one of these: With a 0.02mm pressfit.
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    UK source of M2 & M2.5 Cap Screws ?

    For us non UK europeans:
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    Digital Caliper batteries

    Here's where I get mine... And free worldwide shipping to boot.
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    The Great Metric System Debate.

    The is a classic argument on the subject... Metric vs. Imperial or Will the USA ever go metric? Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to determine the United States measurement challenge once and for all. In the blue corner we have our current US champion for many years, weighing in at...