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    Hello from N. Texas

    Hello all; Last time here was perhaps 2014 ish. Things happened, sold my tools. But now have replacements :) Never finished a PM 3A I Got caught up in 22 rimfire builds which went well. But more interested in IC. Looking around for a pretty basic IC build. Hit an Miss are...
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    having 2 lathes

    It seems I have a Micro Mark 7x16 and a Enco 13x40 the Micro Mark never gets used anymore, and frankly there was only a few months span in between the purchases. I wonder if I should keep the Mini lathe ? project wise: so far all have not been model engine related, and all done on the...
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    performed a search here, for loctite. "it" indicated I must have meant to search for.... Lactate. :o hmmm.. well ok , but not on this particular forum ;)
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    Birthday DRO's

    ;D ;D My birthday present to myself..! DRO's for the lathe and mill. yeehaw. Sino's via the ebay. wish I had the proper taps to get started today though!! ( plug + bottom tap). I thinking of using 12-24 rather than the 5mm bolts. funny how I just spent some $80 on taps and dies..and yea, dont...
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    a nice mystery metal find

    "located" for pocket change, a nice HUNK of 5-1/2 round steel yesterday....about 4 long. and man, is it HEAVY. and no rust on it - even though it has been outside. I dont think its a stainless, hard to say. quite magnetic. maybe a good grade of a chrome-moly? would make nice heavy flywheels at...
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    Kits..the down side and the up side..

    lol, the down side: having to spend $$ on taps and dies for 3-48, 5-40 and the like. (let me guess - the kit maker sells these ) the upside: can fix (maybe) or make (maybe) those holes and screws in my rifles. lol.
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    turning small dia brass

    Is quite difficult!! the flex is quite the problem is it not ? makes me wonder how you guys do it, and even made me think of a custom made follower rest. I am using the 3-jaw and live center. even then...hmmm... lol. Diameter is approx 0.200", length about 2 inches of it turned.
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    Newbie mistakes.... not fixing the cheap parts of a machine tool

    The X stops on my mill... I knew they were not the best.. could slip under a good amount of wheel pressure and I not only nearly ruined hours of work (its now visually ruined however) but, I could have been seriously injured if the peice had broken loose. I was cutting fins on a cylinder with...
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    Best wiggler ?

    Good Morning; anyone have comments on wiggler quality ? and specfically the thin pointed tool for locating on the hole centers previously punched. careful inspection of my General brand shows enough, uhm, runout at the very tip, to desire a better one :) btw, I was using it as a quick and...
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    Compound dial - not zero settable, is that ok

    My Enco's compound dial does not have the feature of being Zero-settable, and so as a newbie, I have to ask: Is that going to present a problem ? (other than requiring to read in-between marks, lol.) thanks kindly
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    Next best thing to working in the shop...

    Taking Community College/Cont. Ed course in Machine shop ! ;D Tonight is the fisrt meeting, of what could be a long endeavor in formal education. pretty excited, even though it's an intro. At least I can learn to read blueprints !!
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    brass rod diameter, for threading with a die.

    Howdy, I will soon prepare a brass rod, which is 6mm in Dia., for threaded ends. I am contemplating either a #6 or #8 thread. of concern is the diamater I should turn it to, for threading with a die. I wonder if the major diamater of the thread is just peachy fine, or should it be slightly...
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    chuck balance

    Howdy, Installed a new 4" 3 jaw on my 7x16. no name chinese, from micromark. It seems to be a decent chuck, but there is a speed range in which it imparts a shudder to the lathe. below and above it runs reasonably smooth. speed range where this happens is going to be used a bit I would think...
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    about the Stirling Walking Beam Engine kit - sold on LMS/Grizzly..metric to inch

    Howdy, I was wondering if any of you knew of a link to plans that have been converted to make this in Inch, rahter than metric. That is to say, re-designed to be built using inch sized tooling. Or has anyone built it just using careful methods to make to the metric dimensions using std tooling...
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    On becoming a Lathe mechanic

    I know it is a must do... ;) the new Micromark 7x16's carriage is one tight fit. Frankly I am sceered of those gib screws, although I am getting a little experience, while messign with fixing the Sears 101 I got. But its the accuracy of the adjustments that worry me. no skills there. must get...
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    we all like to see this:

    "On FedEx vehicle for delivery" (in this case, one Micromark 7x16 lathe) ;D ;D
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    FS: Dallas, Tx area. Jet 16-32 Drum Sander (woodworking)

    Hope I am not pushing the rules posting a WW tool! Price: $600 (very firm) Condition : excellent + ! Amount used: very little - made a dozen turkey calls - so 24 pieces of 6" x 2" wood through it! includes: extra assorted grits of sandpaper, all unused. Wood - I have nice little assortment of...
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    fixing up old iron - removing name plate rivets

    Howdy, working on a cleaning and repainting a craftsman 6" lathe. was wondering what favorite methods of removing the rivets holding on name plates, etc. ? thanks kindly :)