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    2 cycle rotary valve engine

    I have built several 4 cycle engines and would like to learn about 2 cycle design concepts. I have also looked at an article on a split single 2 cycle and understand the concepts but don't know 2 cycle design well enough to think about designing one. Port timing is evidently just short of...
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    Twingle engine

    I am looking for a new model to start building and in my search for plans I came across an engine called a "Twingle" which is evidently a split single design. Does anybody have plans for a split single engine or have one that is running. I would like to know more about them and would love to...
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    Cam milling calculator

    I am thinking of starting the build for a Howell V-4 and thought I would try a couple of the hard pieces to see if I can do it. I am trying to make the cams on a mill and need the Cam Calc program the motor boys put out several years ago. I got to the site and found the calculator but I cant...
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    Help identifying an engine

    I was given a partially completed engine by a friend who collects antique teather cars. I would like to complete it if I could get a little more info and possibly a picture of one that is completed. It is evidently a casting kit with a crankshaft installed with bronze bushing. The head is...
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    Overhead Cam Project

    Thought you might want to see my latest design and build project. It is a hybrid of Jerry Howell's V Twin and Brian Rupnow's Overhead cam engines. It seems I've never had an original thought but I'm pretty good at stealing concepts. I do enjoy designing and building engines as long as I don't...
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    Phase II 250-107 universal cutoff holder

    I am looking to replace the tightening screw in a Phase II universal cutoff blade holder. It has a LH thread at one end and a RH thread at the other with no head on the screw just a socket for an allen wrench. The socket head is wallowed out so I cant tighten the holder for the cutoff blade...
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    Aluminum Bronze

    I have been using aluminum bronze for rods in the last two engines I have built and have had no problems so far. (they both run fine) Saw a wonderful acronym in an article "UWIH" (use what I have) and took it to heart. I had a bar of Aluminum bronze left from a previous project made a rod with...
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    Modified Ridders engine

    I have recently finished an engine loosely based on Jan Ridders opposed twin 4 cycle engine. I say loosely since I used the concept and converted it to decimal inches and modified it to be a 4 piston 2 cylinder on my next version. I also am not the machinist that Jan Ridders is since I...
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    Making cast iron piston rings

    I know this subject has been hashed over a million times but I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer to. Will making a cast iron piston ring to the relaxed size od and the proper thickness (size that will fit the cylinder bore and piston when compressed with proper gap)...
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    South Bend Model A 9" vs ?

    I have the itch for a new lathe and would like advice from some of the more experienced machinists. Currently I have an old well worn South Bend 9" 24" long model A that is missing all the options (steady rest, follow rest, thread dial, taper attach). It is plenty big for what I do. I am not...
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    Materials for pistons

    I am building a Howell V-Twin and I am at the piston and ring stage. Has anybody made their pistons with 12L14. The prints call for cast iron cylinders, rings and pistons.