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    Antique Machines Sydney Show

    Thought some might like to see some pics from last weekend rather than re-post everything see HERE
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    I got a Nudge

    I got a reminder to come stick my two bob's worth here on this forum seems its been a while. Yes it has no I have not been I have been trying to finish off projects started in 2010 which have been mostly woodwork. Still things do crop up and My main projects are two spinning wheels wooden...
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    Hawkesbury Steam & Campbelltown Steam

    Not sure if anyone has shown these as yet two steam shows I went to recently here in Sydney's out regions Australia. Of course some being so close were able to attend both shows being a month or so apart. the 2nd show had additional attractions of Music Machines, while the first had Trucks...
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    HMEM & FaceBook

    Hi not sure if this is the right place to ask please move if not. Over time I have tried to link to HMEM through Facebook but it wants access to my Address list which I refuse to do no matter what I sign up for. Is it possible to gain access to HMEM other than just click (Like) and not have to...
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    Wheel'n'round The Worksop

    Thanks to Austin and mods for allowing me to post this. This site is one of few I have come across that has a section for disabled/medical conditions where the needs and modifications to tools and machines some of us need to do what we do are discussed. I won't double bore you with putting m...
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    Western Sydney

    Hi all I thought ages ago when I signed up I had posted a "Hello" I didn't. I'm Ray new to model making with an new to me ML7 I bought last easter. Still setting things up and tweaking. I have posted in the disabled section today also. This site has so many avenues a man could get side tracked...