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    Open Source 1.6 scale 7.5" gauge GE 44ton locomotive

    I decided to create a GIT repository for my GE 44ton locomotive. GIT is basically version control, which is a standard in the computer programming world, but has been increasingly used for projects involving a lot of cad files. This is a work in progress. What this basically means is that you...
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    Critter Electric Locomotive

    I originally designed this to produce and sell, but decided I'd rather make it a community project, one that allows any new people the absolute easiest and cheapest way into the hobby. The model is 3/4" scale 3.5" gauge and uses two "speed 600" sized motors. The ones I bought were 12v surplus...
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    SOLD - FS: Canon Eos 20D digital SLR camera, with portrait grip

    Hello all, I am selling my Canon 20D. It comes with a BG-e2 portrait grip, two canon batteries, a 2gb 80x Compact flash card, CF card reader, and neck strap. There is no lens included. Takes all EF and EFS mount lenses. Camera functions perfectly. Asking 300$ + shipping.
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    Weller WTCPT Soldering Iron and vise - SOLD

    Perhaps not the best forum for this, but what the heck. I am selling my Weller soldering station. A little over 1 year old, also including an adjustable vise which is very helpful for soldering wires and PCB's. Asking 75$ + shipping from Naples, FL. Thanks, Bill Holland
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    15 pc 5C collet set, 1/8th - 1" - SOLD

    Hello, I am selling my collet set that I bought from Lathemaster, asking 20$ + shipping from Naples, FL. Thanks, Bill Holland
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    Taig Lathe - Sold

    Hello all, what you see in the picture is included. You get the baseboard, the Lathe with tailstock, a 3 jaw chuck with 2 sets of Soft Jaws, a 4 jaw chuck, Taig collet set, and marathon motor. This little guy is the most fun Lathe I ever owned and really hate to see it go. I am asking 300$ plus...
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    Eagle 5c Collet Chuck - SOLD

    Hello all, I am selling my Eagle 5c Collet chuck. The picture shows the chuck with a backplate to fit it to a Lathemaster 8x14 lathe. I am asking 100$ for the chuck, and if you want the backplate as well, 120$ for both, + shipping. This is the 5c chuck that Lathemaster sells. I used this chuck...
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    Kozo A3 Driver Castings - Friends Models - SOLD

    Hello all, I am selling 4 driver wheel castings from Friends Models, for the 3.5" gauge locomotive. These castings are VERY nice quality. I am asking 100$ obo + USPS flat rate shipping from Naples, FL. Thank you, Bill Holland.
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    Kozo A3 steam locomotive

    Well, I've been doing a lot of projects at night when I get home from work. Most of them are in support of this project, my steam locomotive. Not too much to look at just yet, long ways to go, but here is some tender wheels half way done. The last picture is of my cross slide stop used to...
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    My X3 DRO installation

    Yeh, DRO's are pure bliss, I love it already!
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    Anyone put a DRO on an X3?

    I received my Meister S2000 DRO with glass scales today from Singapore. Looks like an excellent deal for the price of 480$ .0002 resolution. Anyhow, after taking a look at everything, I realized that this is a project in itself installing one of these. Any of you have pictures of your X3 with...
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    Hand Crank for the Lathe Spindle

    Well I made an expanding collet / work stop / hand crank for my 8x14 lathe. I'll take pictures later of it. Basically it expands and sticks itself in the back of the spindle, from it I have a rod that acts as a work stop for when using my collet chuck. I also tapped the real of it to bolt a hand...
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    Cheap, Simple, Effective Lathe Mod

    I bolted my 8x14 lathe to a 6" wide piece of steel C channel. Made the lathe much more rigid, cost... 25$
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    Carriage Stop for a 8x14 lathe

    I uploaded a PDF for my carriage stop. It is very easy to make and very strong. There is plenty of metal left on it for you to modify it as you see fit. Maybe you want to add a micrometer stop, a simple bolt, or perhaps an Acme screw and a graduated dial. What ever you wish, or use it as it is...
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    Thoughts on my X3 mill

    For a new mill, I am quite pleased with the fit and finish for under 1000$ Now for the bad. It simply is not rigid enough, go buy a giant knee mill that weighs 3000lbs, and be done with it. Yes, it works, yes I am happy with it. Yes, it will do what I want, sorta. I find that a 1/2 end mill is...
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    My new computer

    I just bought an Acer Aspire One netbook. It has a 9" screen and weighs only a couple of pounds. Has a solid state drive and is perfect for checking your email, surfing the web and talking to friends and family with skype as it has a built in web cam. Oh yes, it is also running linux and the...
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    Yesterdays project

    Here is the solidworks drawing, NOT that I actually needed to do this in solidworks, I am just a nerd. Pay no attention to the precision to 4 decimal places. And here is one of two workbenches I built today. One bench is for the 8x14 Lathemaster, and the other, the X3 mill for when it arrives...
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    Kudos to Lathemaster

    When I received my Lathemaster 8x14 lathe, the cross slide leadscrew was bent very slightly from shipping. I gave Bob a call and he promptly sent me a new leadscrew. When I received the new leadscrew, it was not properly fitted to the nut that was already on the lathe. It binded and was tight...
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    Machine to put varying, cyclical load on steam engine

    Perhaps this is for the wrong crowd, but you could also use an electric motor as a generator, and using some high powered mosfets and a microcontroller, could electronically create a varying load that could be controlled digitally.