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  1. BaronJ

    My Table traverse for Chinese mill.

    Hi Guys, Since my Chinese mill does not have a motorised table traverse and I don,t fancy paying the rather exorbitant prices that are wanted for them I have looked at a lot of designs on the web and decided to have a go at building one. Also its a pain, in more ways than one, standing...
  2. BaronJ

    My Tool Grinder.

    Hi Guys, I started talking about making a tool grinder in another thread so I thought it would be better to start a new one rather than clutter up someone else's. I have been collecting various bits and pieces for a while now. But the other day I got to weld the motor mounting plate to the...
  3. BaronJ

    Goodies Acquisition !

    Hi Guys, I got given some interesting bits and pieces recently. Not shown, because I forgot to take photos, is the drive motors from this gearbox. When I remember where I've put them, I'll photograph them and post the pics.
  4. BaronJ

    Mill Tramming Tool.

    Hi Guys, As I mentioned I have done a drawing for this tool. There is nothing particular about the materials or the dimensions, however a certain amount of precision is required. In particular the squareness of the bar in relation to the spindle. Other than this I used material that I had...