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    The Sea

    And to think I used to ENJOY when we ran into weather like this at sea ::) I know. I've been called crazy before :)
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    Big Dog

    Weird! Scary!
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    It's World Backup Day!

    Have you backed up your computer today? Regular, consistent backups should be a part of everyone's computer maintenance schedule. And that means copying to a device that is separate from...
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    New Server and outage tonight

    e will have a planned outage on the web site tonight. As many of you noticed the web site was down a few days ago. It appears we have overwhelmed the server again. HMEM just keeps growing by leaps and bounds. So, to that end it's been decided to upgrade to a new server that should fulfill our...
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    We're back!!

    Sorry about the outage, we had another hack attempt. This time his poorly formed code left the site unavailable. Because of work obligations I didn't get to cleaning it up till just a few minutes ago.
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    Congratulations to the August Project of the Month Winner

    Congratulations Sam, it looks like you just squeezed by with one vote. Congratulations to Manfred and Kel for their very fine entries, as well. You guys are all winners!
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    This gandy dancer is a machine

    Here is some interesting machinery used to repair railroads. No more lines of gandy dancers fixing track by hand.
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    Scratch-built Stirling

    Well, it’s been a couple months since completing the Elmer’s #6 so I guess it’s time for another project. I had been considering Elmer’s mine engine since before completing #6, but all the Stirling projects going on stirred up some old burning embers. I’ve been deeply interested in Stirlings...
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    MOVED: 76mm Babcock Boiler Build

    This topic has been moved to Boilers.
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    MOVED: flathead v8 engine parts for sale

    This topic has been moved to Buy / Sell / Trade / eBay.
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    Threading tool holder

    I’ve preferred grinding my own HSS lathe tools but lately I’ve been trying out carbide and HSS inserts. One of the tools I’ve always had trouble grinding accurately was a threading tool. It seems I can never get the angle exactly right, always just a tiny bit narrow or too wide. In my last tool...
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    Tool Review: ER40/R8 collet chuck

    ER 40 Collet A couple weeks ago I set about getting opinions on the ER32 collet chuck sold by LMS. During the discussion I changed my mind about the size collet system and the vendor, so I ordered an ER40 set from 800watt on eBay. It arrived earlier this week and today I had a chance to use it...
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    ER-32 collet system

    The spindle on my Powermatic-Burke mill has an R8 taper. The problem is at some point in it's life it lost the pin that keeps the collet from spinning. This can make changing collets rather awkward at times. I'm considering the ER-32 collet chuck sold by LMS to help overcome this problem...
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    From the scrap box...

    I have need of a vise stop with my current project. I already have a crappy one I threw together a couple years ago. It has served me well but it’s time for a better one. This time I’m also going to make it better looking as well. You can see the old one in use here. All the pieces came from...
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    MOVED: "Scratch" Building- A few Thoughts

    This topic has been moved to The Break Room. Since it's an open discussion and not a builder's log I've moved it to the break room.
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    Elmer's #6 -- Slider, a slide valve engine

    With all the nice builds going on I thought I'd jump into the fray. I thought I'd make Elmer's #6, Slider. It's a slide valve engine, basically the same that Zee made but without reversing gear. I'll be working with the 3 basic food groups: brass, steel and aluminum. The nice thing about...
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    Report Database Problems Here

    Everyone, looks like the vast majority of the problems have been fixed. Certainly, there are still some problems left but it's a much smaller issue now than it was a couple days ago. No posts have been lost, but they may not be in the correct place or just not visible. If you notice any posts...
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    Database is messed up

    Everyone, Please bear with me, I messed up the database and am in the process of repairing it. All subjects are messed up. However, new subjects can be created a posted to. Please accept my most humble apologies for this mistake. I'll get it fixed just as soon as I can. Thank you, Kevin
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    Knurling Secrets

    Some months ago I made a clamp type knurling tool. Since then I've attempted to knurl several thumbwheels. Some turned out OK. Others, well, pretty much a disaster. I still haven't figured out how best to get a nice even knurl. It seems on larger diameters it does fairly well, but small...
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    Powermatic/Burke mill

    I got the mill home tonight! Took the trailer with me to work, then headed out to pick up the mill. I was supposed to get it Tuesday but it rained all day so we postponed it a day. The guy already had it loaded on a fork truck when I got there. He put it on the trailer and we got it strapped...