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  1. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    Well actually it's been a couple of years ago now. I only paid $1 for it. It's been setting on the shelf waiting on me to do something with it, and since I have a new to me Lagun knee mill, I decided I'd better get an arbor for this chuck. I've searched all the popular tool houses plus duck duck...
  2. gld

    New to me Mill

    I finally snagged me a knee mill. Lagun FTV-1. Going to order a VFD , and a DRO next week. The seller inherited it from his farther who bought it new. He is sure there is a manual ,but hasn't found it yet. In the mean time I would like to move the ram, but not sure how it is locked...
  3. gld

    Lead screw lube maybe

    My CNC router ( has 5/8 acme lead screws with acetel anti backlash nuts. The X axis squawks on rapid moves, and sets up a vibration in the machine. My rapids are 60ipm. Haven't ever noticed any indication of lost steps it's just annoying. It's done that...
  4. gld

    Bore & Stroke

    What is the wildest combination of bore & stroke you have seen in a running model engine???????
  5. gld

    Finished George Britnell's 4 cylinder overhead value engine.

    After 2 years 3 months finally Finished George Britnell's 4 cylinder overhead value engine.
  6. gld

    Grinding tool bits

    I was searching for information on using math functions in g-code on this site: CNC Math Where I found this interesting tip on grinding tool bits. Thought I would pass it on. From Redgie Joy: When grinding cutting tools to an accurate profile it is difficult to prevent the layout from getting...
  7. gld


    What! No delete button. Why isn't there a delete button?
  8. gld

    Craig list find

    Found these Sherline items on Craigslist last week. Drove 6 hours one way to collect. The lathe has had some use, but shows no wear. The mill looks like it was never used. A lot of the accessories have never been used. $1500 for all
  9. gld

    Build pictures of GB 4 cylinder overhead value engine

    Some members wanted to see a build thread on my construction of Geroge Britnell's 4 cylinder overhead value engine. I did not take any pictures of actual machining setups. So here you go with what I have so far. This is the first group picture I took. The con rods are bronze. I just...
  10. gld

    The Lister Engine Forum Photo Gallery

    Would someone explain how to create a new folder on this form. Thanks
  11. gld

    George Britnell 4cylinder overhead value

    I started this engine in October 2018. It's been really fun building this engine. I made several mistakes along the way and learned a lot in the process. All I need to do now is tweak out the ignition and the fuel system and build a radiator. Opps maybe I should build radiator first then do the...
  12. gld

    Mach4 g-code help

    If you delete the code in red , the program will execute 3 times and stop. I need to advance X by .063 thou and have the X readout show the advance. I thought formulas were allowed in code, but I guess not. This code will run continuously until a stop is activated. The sub is a lot longer...
  13. gld

    Grizzly power feed

    My speed control knob will not stay set. It seams to always advances rather than decline at the most inopportune time. So today while searching thru my parts inventory, I found this knob that was just screaming to be on my speed control. The knurls around the circumference was perfect for a flat...
  14. gld

    Junk yard find

    HP DesignJet 750 Found this in the local salvage yard, for Free. It even had an almost full roll of paper on it. In a cartridge alignment test, it only prints in cyan. So next I need to determine if the other cartridges are empty or plugged. Could also be in the carriage electrical wiring...
  15. gld

    Metal Craftmen

    Hi all, Only 5 minutes. Enjoy Gary
  16. gld

    More LED shop lights

    Anyone using these: About a year and half ago I purchased a 10 pack of Phillips T8 led replacement bulbs for my shop. I have 4 4 tube fixtures in my shop. About a month ago I...
  17. gld

    Phone problums

    I have a Samsung galaxy S4 Anyone know how to hack into the Android phone system. My phone was 4 years old in May 2018. In July August 2017 my phone started shutting itself down at random, usually when I was trying to run an application. It would reboot until either plugging in an external...
  18. gld


    Anyone else having trouble with Fusion. I haven't run it for over a month. The program will open fine. The drop-down menus work but I cannot select an item from any of the drop-down menus. I hope it's an update problem, as my other programs are working normally. I running Windows 7.
  19. gld

    Forum missing on laptop

    When I go to the forum on my laptop, there is only text on a white background. I have no idea how this happened and i can not find the undo button.. :wall::wall: Here is a screen shot: Every thing is normal on my shop computer.
  20. gld

    Cetus3D printer

    I just wanted to post my two cents worth about this Cetus3D printer. {}. I've it over a month and I've used it almost every day. Their software needs some tweaking but there's been two updates in the last month so they are working on it. I have a CNC hot...