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  1. Ken I

    stirling 60 build

    Anday1 - see also my thread on the Stirling 60 + my revised drawings. Ted was a great help there as well. Jeroen Jonkman's Sterling 60 I agree with Ted, you can't just drill a hole and get the concentricity you need (see sub link "I Can't Drill Straight) There is a lot of information traded...
  2. Ken I

    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    I gave up on using that idea or the indicator dial years ago simply because I've had the half nuts "ride" improperly closed and therefore out of pitch - it only has to happen once and your job is destroyed. I have had it happen on a number of different lathes including a wonderful Graziano but...
  3. Ken I

    Mathematical question

    Foozer,If you are looking for the locus of motion - here it is - red dot on the pitch circle diameter so ignore the teeth and consider it two wheels running on each other (at their PCDs). A red dot indicates its position per tooth of rotation. It traces three epicyclic paths - demonstrating...
  4. Ken I

    Mathematical question

    Willray - I see your point - and got confused all over again so I drew in the other positions (rotation degrees indicated are for the 20T planet wheel so rotating it 180° equates to 10 Teeth) :- As you can see at the North South East & West positions the datum tooth (now highlighted in red) is...
  5. Ken I

    Mathematical question

    Well I was wrong and of course Marv was right but I had to draw it out to convince myself By rotating a 10T planet gear about a 60T sun gear (3:1) ratio in 180° (10 tooth) increments you can see that after being turned though 3 half turns the datum dot is now in its starting position and thus...
  6. Ken I

    Mathematical question

    I haven't looked at anything and my answer is 4 - the smaller outer turns 3 revs against the inner but in so doing rotates an additional revolution. Kind of like the plot kicker in "Around The World In 80 Days" - Fogg thinks he has lost the bet as he has seen 80 sunsets - but that was in 79...
  7. Ken I

    Single Phase To Three Phase Rewind - Lathe Uprate

    Ah K2, you've zoomed into my danger label - I censored it for the photo - given to me by an Australian friend "Not To Be Operated By F***wits." Hope no one is too offended by this. Here's another favorite Regards, Ken
  8. Ken I

    Flywheel becoming loose (setscrew is used)

    Here's a model of an industrial "Clampex" coupling I made - mostly just to see if it would work :- It worked fine - nut was a prototype to test torque - came in at 7.5 ft.lbs. And how I used it to secure the flywheel on my beam engine (those are M2 Cap Head Screws) :- Has a nice industrial...
  9. Ken I

    gear cutters

    Here's something I posted a few years back on home gear-cutting. It covers generating your own profiles (using AutoCad or similar) and making your own cutters etc. etc. Regards, Ken
  10. Ken I

    Hello From a Long Time Lurker

    Welcome Mark - I too lurked for a long time - welcome to the forum and thanks for choosing my wobbler. Any issues feel free to ask and be sure to post a build thread. You might want to change the piston to 1/2" and the rod to 3/16" if you only have imperial reamers etc. etc. I normally just take...
  11. Ken I

    Greatings From Chicago!

    Festo make small couplers (KD range) - the one in the video is a 5mm - they go down to 3mm. They auto close and I've never had a peep of trouble with them. I use the 5mm on all my models. In some cases I turn the male part when I want it integral to the motor (as in the case of my CIRCE engine)...
  12. Ken I

    Greatings From Chicago!

    What's a wobbler. This is :- See plans etc. for this engine at the following post :- Magnetically Sprung Wobbler Regards, Ken
  13. Ken I

    Broken crankshaft !?

    That looks like a combination of a fatigue fracture from too sharp a corner radius plus torque or flexing. Since you were only running trials - where did the stress originate - was it difficult to turn or is there a misalignment in the mains - such that you are running the crank "bent" - this...
  14. Ken I

    Demon V8

    For anyone interested - a link to a tutorial I did some time back on moulding using vacuum and pressure. Injection / Vacuum Moulding in Polyurethane When moulding silicone in aluminium moulds be sure you use the correct release agent - I have a mould with a permanently moulded silicone part...
  15. Ken I

    Measuring length on a lathe

    I do the same as Paul for short parts or as long as my slide movement permits. Otherwise I guess it slightly long against a Vernier backing away from the chuck to take up backlash for the final adjustment (lock the saddle) - take a partial cut with the PO and measure. Dial in the necessary...
  16. Ken I

    Assistance requested from those that are familiar with DIN38 fittings

    ajoeiam, you should try Russian equipment. During the cold war the Russians made everything to be compatible NATO to Russian but not vice versa - Russian 155mm shells are a bit bigger they won't fit in NATO guns but NATO ammunition works in a Russian gun. This paranoia was carried into...
  17. Ken I

    Assistance requested from those that are familiar with DIN38 fittings

    kf2qd - you are right - under the metric system both ISO & DIN they decided not to reinvent the wheel and stuck with the existing BSP & BSPT typically designated like 1/4G in metric drawings - that's 1/4" BSP However some tables give metric dimensions and pitches which obviously gives weird...
  18. Ken I

    It's time we read and relearn the forum rules!!!

    I think the moderators are a very level headed bunch and will intervene if anyone oversteps the mark - normally a mild warning is all that is required. It is difficult when the "mark" is a very wide and fuzzy object - the mods do a great job. That said most members here are equally level headed...
  19. Ken I

    Small engine dyno

    We call it JK class - using sealed can rules - Hawk 7's - the dyno can test up to Group12 and Eurosport classes. Originally built for DC RC motors - it is no longer available. Regards, Ken
  20. Ken I

    Small engine dyno

    Here's a small inertial dyno for testing slotcar motors :- A flywheel (which has holes for photocell pickup - not visible in photo) is accelerated by the motor and the various parameters calculated and displayed vis :- FYI Regards, Ken