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  1. J

    For Sale New Gear Box Power Table Feed(X axis) for sale

    BTW... is that bolt pattern the same a a bridgeport side plate on the X axis? .... if not, then I am not interested...... thank you BC1 Jim
  2. J

    For Sale New Gear Box Power Table Feed(X axis) for sale

    I will buy that item. I am in Naperville Illinois, please advise shipping to 60565 zip code.... thank you.. Jim B.
  3. J

    Pug - a simple piston valve engine

    I know this thread is ten years old, but I have always thought this home design to be so very doable and a good representation for a beginner to work off of. BC1 Jim
  4. J

    A big "kudus" for stevehuckss396

    Good On'ya Steve!! That was a gentlemanly and gracious offer. I take my hat off to you sir. BC1 JIM
  5. J

    Original Green Twin Oscillator Drawings by PatJ

    That sure is some nice looking work and a great write-up!.. BC1 Jim
  6. J

    jerry howell -V4 Starter Motor

    Perhaps the motor for an RC plane starter could be used in that application. I have two of them and they have a great deal of torque and are 12 volt driven. BC1 Jim
  7. J

    Bob J's No.21 Steam Engine - Plans and STP Files

    Suit yourself as I know you will and please be save. Good bye. BC1 Jim
  8. J

    Bob J's No.21 Steam Engine - Plans and STP Files

    Au-contraire Mon Ami. I am glad that you and the rest of the modelling community are on cordial terms now and that some changes may have been introduced. With that being said it is also my hope that you will refrain from citing specific individuals for their actions, upon any public forums, in...
  9. J

    Bob J's No.21 Steam Engine - Plans and STP Files

    Personally I have not misunderstood or misconstrued anything regarding your views on this matter. In fact, I agree with what you are saying, however, singling out JDW in this, only leads me to believe that you have some sort of vendetta going on here even though you state that you do not have...
  10. J

    Bob J's No.21 Steam Engine - Plans and STP Files

    WoW!! Well I certainly hope in the future you achieve the level of recognition that you so begrudgingly are seeking and that you find happiness in doing so. Although I do understand what you are saying in terms of copywite infringement, there are glaring questions still left in my mind...
  11. J

    Bob J's No.21 Steam Engine - Plans and STP Files

    Twin Green, I have the copies of the original drawings that Julius worked from and there is absolutely no authors name on them other than in big bold letters "CSEE" as to which Julius has in fact recognized on his drawing sets. Plus, these drawings were of an HMEM team build #5 and there is also...
  12. J

    Hello From a Long Time Lurker

    Welcome aboard lad, it sounds as if you have some nice older machines to start out on. Keep us posted of any engines you undertake regardless of how simple, and take lots of pictures coz we love pictures... BC1 Jim
  13. J

    Vederstein's Dancer Engine Build

    I am still watching and following along with you on your journry. I just went and bought more popcorn for the trip. Nice work! BC1 Jim
  14. J

    'Tiny' hit and miss engine, air cooled

    Thank you George! I have been trying for some time to organize all the variations that appeared in different places and I now have them all corralled into one folder. I missed the thread that covered the vertical version of this engine..... Jim
  15. J

    a scratch built wobbler steam engine

    Terrific looking engine and some fine work here Toad, Have you given any thought to putting your drawings/sketches together and ULing them here? I for one, and am certain many others here, would really enjoy seeing them and perhaps building one on the near future.
  16. J

    Ved's Dancer's End Engine

    That is such a majestic beast running at that Kew museum.... mesmerizing in its movements. I will be watching along on this ride and looking forward to your renderings... BC1 Jim
  17. J

    Knucklehead Drawings

    I would be interested in downloading that set of flathead drawings. Send me a message and I will provide you my personal email and you can send them to me directly. Thanks for your consideration. I also see that the original thread was from 2014 (?)
  18. J

    Four Square Engine Plans

    Ved', Thank you for sharing with us all here. Looks like a swell runner. BC1 Jim
  19. J


    Very nice work indeed sir! Interesting as the dickens. The question on everyone's mind is are castings available for purchase or drawings or stl files so that castings could be 3D printed. I am amazed at the output your unit develops. Thank you for sharing. BC1 Jim
  20. J

    Cheap imported hit-miss engine

    I purchased one and am pleased with it although some of the tolerances are a bit too loose for my taste, it runs like a treat. I have taken it completely apart and have devised ways of tightening the running clearances. These models are good entry level items that will provide hours of...