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  1. canadianhorsepower

    Ignition question

    Can't believe how much BS can go into answer , HOLY MACARONI, it is normal to have a spark , get off all those theories, It' IT' NORMAL , let the spark be......................
  2. canadianhorsepower

    Ignition question

    Basically the function of a condenser in a coil ignition circuit is to reduce (not eliminate) the spark at the contact points as they open in the distributor and thus minimise burning and pitting of the points. Arcing is caused by the effect of self induction in the coil as the points interrupt...
  3. canadianhorsepower

    Negative crankcase pressure

    Brian this as been on motors for decade. It's A PCV valve, Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve lawn mower, snow blower they all have them. check the video. now to use this on a model engine simply make a hole in your base , instal a hose put a PCV in it enjoy
  4. canadianhorsepower

    VW or Porsche Boxer Engine Plans?

    I would like to acquire a set of plans. ny email is thanks
  5. canadianhorsepower


    Thanks Brian, very nice work, as usual. Now if you want to try something that will get your governor working so fast, you want notice the change in RPM ,but only the arm reaction. Remove the second spring on your counter weight. All you will ear is engine noise( working harder) and no RPM...
  6. canadianhorsepower

    Dykem Hi-spot

    simply use a sharpie, does a better job at 1/4 of the price
  7. canadianhorsepower


    the video is very nice, do yourself a favor,remove the spring from your counter weight, all you need is one
  8. canadianhorsepower

    miniature engine

  9. canadianhorsepower

    Can I trigger an RCEXL CDI ignition with a "typical" Hall switch?

    yes it will run it no problem, this is what I'm using on my RC truck. be sure that ALL ground are good.
  10. canadianhorsepower


    surging at idle has nothing to do with your governor, it's a carburetor issue. Governor only work at high RPM. matter of fact your governor is always trying to keep your motor at idle
  11. canadianhorsepower

    Inline 6 aircraft engine or inline 4 model aircraft engine plans required

    1/6 SCALE DE HAVILLAND CIRRUS MK1, by Eric Whittle. A 4 - Cylinder, In-Line, Glow Engine. Issues: # 49, 50, 51 & 52.....$8.00ea.....TOTAL: $32.00 this is the link
  12. canadianhorsepower


    Hi Brian , Nice idea, but before you spend a lot of time on this. Read more about unloaded RPM and loaded RPM on a Briggs Stratton engine the RPM IS THE SAME but when the engine is slowing down the governor spring will kick in to keep the same "unloaded RPM to a FULL loaded RPM. This will never...
  13. canadianhorsepower

    Mills p75 plans

    if this can be any help
  14. canadianhorsepower

    Spark plugs

    good luck with your new baby, there is a typo in the 1/4 32 side plug check picture
  15. canadianhorsepower

    Reamer question

    curious.... how many of you did reply and have adjustable reamer ????????
  16. canadianhorsepower

    Reamer question

    I have fix reamer, Chucking, over size, under size. I also have miniature to 1 inch adjustable reamer Charles Lamont has the best description, Overhaul job. if you need to ream a hole to make it round AGAIN cause the bushing failed that can't be mounted in a lathe or a mill. you would use...
  17. canadianhorsepower

    3X Sparkplug 4X Size

    what kind of electronic are you going to put in this plug. NICCCCE WORK
  18. canadianhorsepower

    Looking for Ron colonna offy plans

    wow, check all the info on thumb drive. Perfect.:):):):) I ordered a Thumb drive the 13 03 2019 and got it home on the 20th PERFECT thanks