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    I Have a New Hero

    thanks for posting this rick, it was very moving...............i hope that we will see and hear more of them in the near future. chuck
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    Need a Mill Vise, Kurt D40?

    here is what i had to do to make my import vise work. i would like to get a kurt vice but the mad money is all used up so i will have to wait. :( chuck
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    resurrected an old project 3 cylinder fairbanks (going to be a long build)

    thanks for all the kind words guys :) i just want to let you know that i have not abandoned this project like i have done in the past. i have not posted in a while because it my day job is unbelievably busy and i have not had any time to work on this model. i did get some work done and here it...
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    another frustrating thing is to make all the parts according to the drawings only to find out the drawings are wrong :o myself and a few other guys on here know all about the galloway drawings ::) chuck
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    4 stroke - 4 cylinder Boxster

    now that sir is one very cool little solenoid engine :bow: :bow: thanks for the video :) chuck
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    My first video

    very nice running engine and thanks for the video :) chuck p.s. as steve asked..........whats next??? ;D
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    resurrected an old project 3 cylinder fairbanks (going to be a long build)

    here is a video of the set up and boring of the cam journals and the gears ...
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    resurrected an old project 3 cylinder fairbanks (going to be a long build)

    well here we are 10 or 12 days latter and we finally have some thing to post about this project ;D the cam journals were bored about 5 or 6 years ago and they were in the wrong location, so i had to fix that and this is how i did it. first i had to re-bore the 2 outer cam journals in the right...
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    my 1st engine build, a PM Research 3B, on a Unimat db-200

    my dad gave me a unimat for christmas one year and to be honest i thought what can i do with this LITTLE machine?? well i soon found out it is a very handy machine for drilling very small holes (set up as a lath or a mill/drill press) and over the years it has served me well. if you want some...
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    Re: TB5 proposal

    any progress on this team build ?? chuck
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    viton o rings

    thanks for the replies guys. i ordered cast iron rings from otto engine works and they arrived here in 4 days. i figured since i have had no problems with cast rings in the past i would stick with what work's for me. thank you rick for the video, that engine sure run's good. chuck
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    what's it - finished?

    very nice little engine electric motor, i don't know what the correct term is but it sure is neat :o :o :o thanks for the video 8) chuck
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    video compression software ??

    thank you very much guys for the quick reply's , have just posted a video of my workshop and i used youtube. i hope it works ok. thanks again :bow: chuck
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    Video Shop Tour

    well after seeing some of these videos i don't really want to show my shop.............but what the hay ::) it is small and sorry guys but i didn't clean up one little bit :P some days it is clean and other days it look like it is worked in. enjoy...
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    video compression software ??

    ok guys i need help :-\ i am trying to post a video of my little shop and a short 4 to 6 minute video is huge............ about 130 megs. well to me thats huge. what i would like to know is there software to compress or shrink the file size so it is more user friendly?? thanks a bunch for any...
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    In line twin

    dave that is one sweet running little engine :o i cannot believe how smooth and slooow it runs and i love the gears, they give it some real eye candy 8) thanks for the video and i think you should post the plans, what a great engine. chuck p.s. going to watch that video again !!
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    Stuart No. 4 build

    hi simon :) as others have said "looking good" 8) one word about the lapping, it was explained to me that one should not use diamond paste as diamonds are for ever. meaning that the diamond grit can and will get embedded into the cylinder wall and can cut into the piston/rings as the piston...
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    Web cam center finder

    now that is cool, and useful ............ what will they think of next ?? thanks for pointing this web site out. :) chuck
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    Are steam engines pressure regulated?

    brian i have nothing useful to add to this thread other than to say thanks for asking these questions and thanks guys for the answers. i have never timed a valve and i don't for see doing one, but this is all very interesting nun the less. this is one of the many reasons i like this forum. ask...
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    resurrected an old project 3 cylinder fairbanks (going to be a long build)

    thanks guys i appreciate the kind words it helps me stay motivated to see this project through. :) rudy............i too look forward to the set up, how ever it will be ??? as i have no idea as to how i will do it. i will just keep at it till it is done then move on to the next part. bob i...