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  1. wirralcnc


    There has been some talk recently regarding the bruce satra/ bob roach r985 and r1830. Firstly have to add Ron Harris from the UK. Who I believe was building the r1830 you will find on the Internet. I had the pleasure of speaking with Bruce on a...
  2. wirralcnc

    WANTED WANTED sleeve valve

    Did you attend one of the American shows and purchase plans and casting for sleeve valve engine. As per picture. Believed to be ageless engines. Money waiting for plans...
  3. wirralcnc

    Dynamotive merlin castings

    Dynamotive merlin castings for sale on ebay. 233376877860
  4. wirralcnc

    Wanted sleeve valve plans.

    Looking to buy complete set of sleeve valve engine plans. I know ageless engines had these for sale at some of the American shows for a short time. Hoping someone has a set they will never use, I can purchase. Money waiting
  5. wirralcnc

    Ic engine castings

    What do you have under the bench. Looking to buy untouched ic engine casting sets to add to my collection. Have a large number of complete casting sets so only really interested in obsolete or genuine old sets. Good money for the right sets.
  6. wirralcnc

    Howell v4 question.

    Half way through the assembly of howell v4. I have two questions regarding the assembly. 1. The oil jet in back of engine is this just a 2-56 bolt screwed in with a 0.006" hole through the centre. 2. I have assembled crank centre in to engine, fitted pistons and rods. Assembled big end pins in...
  7. wirralcnc

    Glow plugs

    Need a little help with wiring/powering glow plugs. Have 5 cylinder radial which I'm about to get running. Can I use a 6 volt 4.5 amp battery? How do I wire the plug leads? I have 5 separate leads at the moment.
  8. wirralcnc

    Cnc error

    I have a boxford 190 cnc mill. Running mach 3. When I program and run part, it's fine. Then after about 40-60 minutes. I put fourth component in (same program ) it has an error on the axis and the datum has move 3-5mm making component scrap. The error seems to be on the x axis. Any ideas???
  9. wirralcnc

    Z axis drive

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a warco manual mill. Which I'm happy with. But want to fit a powered z axis. For using boring head etc. I was thinking stepper motor with a variable speed control? Something simple. Fwd/rev and speed adjustment in a small box and standard 240v. Hope someone...
  10. wirralcnc

    Kozos new shay

    After following cruebys amazing build of kozo's new shay, I have decided to make a start on my own. I received the book for xmas. This will be a very slow build as full time job and family commitments get in the way. Here are the first few parts. Truss rod parts require silver solder
  11. wirralcnc

    ortec dro

    Good evening all. I have just purchased a warco mill with ortec 2 axis dro. Unfortunately the power supply is missing. Would anyone know what voltage the dro is so I can source a power supply. Thanks in advance. Robbie
  12. wirralcnc

    karl erik olsryds

    Hi all Im looking for a copy of dimensional drawings for the single cylinder four stroke engine that karl designed and sold castings. any condition or just a scanned/ emailed copy. will cover postage costs etc regards robby
  13. wirralcnc

    Morrison & Marvin Castings

    I was looking at an old build thread for pacific vapour engine. Castings from morrison and marvin. I have emailed twice to purchase castings with no reply. Does anyone know if they are still available?
  14. wirralcnc

    boxford vmc190

    Have just purchased a boxford vmc190. Looking to find out what spindle taper is on this machine.
  15. wirralcnc

    can you guess what it is

    Can you guess what it is.?????