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    flange nuts

    Hi there, Aren't they Aircraft 'K' nuts, should have thought you'd pick them up over there from any airfield maint shop.. Chris
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    Mill Tramming Tool.

    Hi Folks, I built a tramm from some other usable parts plus 2 new gauges, luckily both came as ordered and exactly the same (thank you Arc). Setting up is done by adjusting each dial to a single reference point on the table, then trying the setup in either direction on the table using a...
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    Show Us Your Lathe

    Hi Folks. Thought you might like my oldun Just done this to my Elliott.
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    Edge Finder Heads Up

    Hi Folks, Just a question, are edge finders more accurate than wigglers?
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    No Bull Nose Center

    Whilst making a 50Int to 5MT adapter for my Dividing head, to utilise a homebrew ER50. I machined the 5MT 1st then used the ER50 with a 1MT straight socket as the centre support.
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    A few of my posts from elsewhere

    Hello Bogs, Any chance of advising how to post pics and text the way you do? Or, point me to a suitable article or answer. As I've a few bits to post that may be of interest.