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  1. ZebDog

    New member

    Hi Eugene - Stephane Welcome to the group
  2. ZebDog

    Newbie from Selby uk

    Hi Roy Welcome to the group
  3. ZebDog

    Another new member

    Hi Peter Thanks for posting the pics of your engines you said in your post not to get to excited. I think you done a grand job. Well done 👍
  4. ZebDog

    Another Farm Boy running with video link.

    I like it well done.
  5. ZebDog

    Another new member

    Welcome to the group Pete Do you have a pics or two of the engines you have done.
  6. ZebDog

    Hello all.

    Welcome to the group
  7. ZebDog

    Longboy's "SILO" Model Engine!

    Congrats on another wonderful engine. I always enjoy seeing these beautiful creations come to life. Steve.
  8. ZebDog

    Fuel poof lacquer or varnish recommendations?

    Hi Richard I use yacht varnish on my Engine wood base I give it 3 or 4 coats with a light sanding and 24 hours between eash coast I used it on my Webster 11 years ago and it's still good today. The first pic was when I first made the engine and the second I took a few mins ago.
  9. ZebDog

    Longboy's "SILO" Model Engine!

    Here we go again. I'm looking forward to this one 👍
  10. ZebDog

    A newbie from Leicestershire

    Hi Bosworth welcome to the group
  11. ZebDog

    Newbie from the UK

    Welcome to the group A little madness always helps
  12. ZebDog

    Tim from Telford, UK

    Hi Tim and welcome to the group
  13. ZebDog

    New member from uk,

    Hi rich and welcome
  14. ZebDog

    New Member Ray.

    Hi ray welcome to the group
  15. ZebDog

    Hello from Wales

    I like it. Well done 👍
  16. ZebDog

    Hello from Lancashire, England

    Welcome to the group 😀
  17. ZebDog

    New member

    Hi Johnjo welcome to the group
  18. ZebDog

    Hello Members , Greetings from England .

    Hi Steve and welcome to the group Steve
  19. ZebDog


    Thanks for posting the vids of your beautiful engines you have a great imagination I look forward to seeing your next project.
  20. ZebDog

    Viton o-ring Headgasket

    I built 5 I,/C engines including the rupnow vertical which you kindly provide plans for and I have used an O ring all for head gaskets with no problems