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    Beam Engine design & construction.

    brilliant bit of work, Tony! Congrats on the completion. :thumbup:
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    Charity Shop Beam Engine.

    Really inspiring work, Tony. Thanks for sharing this project with us.
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    Project of the Month - August 2017

    Certainly well deserved! That's a real beauty of an engine. Good Job! :thumbup:
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    A Smaller Steam Engine For A Smaller Boat

    Good job, Pete! She looks grand on the water. :thumbup:
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    building a Pulse EDM Machine

    I'm certainly interested. Seems like a good topic for the Tools area. :)
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    iGaging EZ-View DRO Plus for my LMS 3900 Mill

    Hi Keith, It is a good time, isn't it? :D These are from Amazon and the set was US $135. Todd
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    3/4" Pennsy A3

    The fruits of last night's labors. I still need to drill the center braces for the axle box pins. More fun to be had...
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    Gone as far as I can

    Hi john, Sorry to hear this news on your health. Best wishes for your treatment and recovery. You are and have been a great source of inspiration and knowledge. Take care, Todd
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    Astro Skeleton clock.

    I am in awe of this project. Your craftsmanship, engineering and artistry are astounding! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. :thumbup:
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    Grambo's 2x Whittle V8

    This is some really beautiful work. And, I love your "Mustang" trailer. :thumbup:
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    3/4" Pennsy A3

    I finished up the end sills. Putting the radius on the ends of the front end sill was a learning experience. And, there were a lot of holes to drill and tap. But, it was fun. :) The main frame rails were also completed last night. It's starting to look like something now! Next up...
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    A Smaller Steam Engine For A Smaller Boat

    She looks gorgeous on the water! :thumbup: What is a maiden voyage without a few wrinkles to iron out? ;) I'm sure you'll have those taken care of quickly. Good job!
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    Bolton 12 Beam Engine

    Congrats, Peter! Great job on this one. I love the colors as well. :thumbup:
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    3/4" Pennsy A3

    A little more progress over the past two days. The Pedestal Brace and Axle Box were machined. These parts are actually two pieces soldered together so that they can be machined exactly the same. Then they are set on the frames as a jig to drill the mounting holes in the frame. Here is the...
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    Bolton 12 Beam engine from scratch

    WOW! That turned out amazing! Beautiful craftsmanship all around. Thanks for sharing the journey with us. :thumbup:
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    A Smaller Steam Engine For A Smaller Boat

    Nice! Looking forward to the first underway report.
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    A Smaller Steam Engine For A Smaller Boat

    I think he looks great. Definitely a salty ol' sailor. :)
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    3/4" Pennsy A3

    Thanks Dale. :) I'm loving the readouts. :thumbup:
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    3/4" Pennsy A3

    Thanks kvom. :)
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    3/4" Pennsy A3

    Continuing on with the frame... I needed to mount the frame at a 45 degree angle to finish milling the steam tee opening. Next I drilled the four cross-tie mounting holes around the lead driver bearing box. The DRO's made this super easy. It took less than half the time it normally would...
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