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    Assistance requested from those that are familiar with DIN38 fittings

    Greetings I've cut outside (not fun but not terrible) and inside (not fun and almost a pita) NPT fittings. The DIN fittings are quite non-standard here in North America. Besides the fact that for a DIN38 I need to be able to cut 11 tpi (NOT 11.5 tpi like on some NPT) and that its a 55...
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    Callout to those with some FreeCAD knowledge

    Greetings Will start by wondering if a section on CAD and CAD/CAM and and and might be useful as a separate from Software & Programming (maybe under it but its own separate entity). I learnt my drafting a LONG time ago - - - not 80 years but long before calculators! Learned decent sketching...
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    Question re: filament

    Greetings Having quite an odyssey getting a Creality 3D Ender-3 printer. Creality is offering a 10 pack of black/white 1kg rolls for some circa $15usd each. For those that have experience with filament - - - would this be a good purchase or run away from it? TIA
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    questions re: VFDs

    Greetings option 1 - - buy somewhat locally and pay 2.5 for cheap and 6 to 15 for name brand stuff option 2 - - buy alie and pay 1 to 1.5 problem being - - - - how does one separate the decent from the too bloody cheap on alie . This is not my 'native language' and there are always too...
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    Spiral bevel gears n gearing

    Greetings Not to be contentious - - - but - - - - anyone out there ever tried to DIY some? (yes - - - I mean spiral bevel and not bevel nor miter !!) Thinking with a slotter or decent sized shaper one could possibly with some added tools/connections. What say you? (Dunno if I stuck this...
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    Tooling suggestions sought

    Greetings In process of wanting to buy tooling. There are a LOT of options (like a stupid amount in fact). What am I doing? Fabricate anything and everything from some small stuff to large stuff (well beyond table top equipment capable stuff). I've used brazed on carbide tooling, insert stuff...
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    Dunno as to a 'good title' - - maybe - - - feature request

    Greetings In the reading on this forum there is a lot of wisdom that in accumulated. Hopefully I am helping rather than detracting in that activity (wry grin!)!! I'm finding that I would like a way to be able to mark specific thread - - - - not for other's delectation but only for my own...
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    Advice sought re: 3D printer purchase

    Greetings Looking at getting myself one of these gizmos. One problem is that this is a Linux house - - - - haven't run M$ stuff in years! Second I was thinking of trying to get something a bit bigger than the 250 x 250 x 200 envelope. Seems that the bigger models get really expensive in...
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    CAD, CADCAM on Linux

    Greetings There have been comments in some other threads regarding engineering tools run on linux (suppose *nix might be even better). Starting a thread for discussing pros and cons of any and all such type tools. (See - - - for me my computer is a tool - - - - not its own universe!!! - - -...
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    Advice on purchase sought

    Greetings Have been looking for a smaller lathe but do want something decent. Found a Milltronics ML20 at a fairly reasonable price. Price that is actually less than most Chinese import new 13 x 40. Problems that I have with the imports - - - poor speed selection and range (usually they stop...
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    Considering a 3 phase CNC small lathe - - - have 240V single phase

    Greetings Quite new here!! Have only read a small amount of the threads available but am noting that there is a very large experience band through the group. Considering a smallish CNC lathe - - - - price is the same as a new 13 x 40 Chinese lathe (I'm thinking the used machine I'm considering...