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    Hello from Ealing. West London

    Hi Richard.. Welcome to the group know the area well, i used to go to school down The Avenue halfway to St Stephens church. Played cricket at Perivale park and Football at Gunnersbury... and the obligatory cross country run around Horsenden Hill. Its changed now from my day.....far too busy...
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    Ban on small engines in California

    Interesting then, that most of the biggest polluters are communist, or dictatorships.......
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    Ban on small engines in California

    just watched the video of Bidens 30 car convoy leaving COP26 and getting loaded onto 2 C5 Galaxy,s and support aircraft. and then him getting into Airforce 1 to fly back to the States, followed by 400 private jets carrying Bezos, Gates and co..... don't think i'm going to be worrying about the...
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    Model sized nuts

    Tracey tools is excellent for all types of taps and dies in the uk.
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    History of wedges as fasteners

    Slight thread creep..but aircraft propellors on merlin engines are driven on the taper not the splines, apparently...
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    Avatar photos of member's postings.

    check everything..the update on Saturday knocked me out of my Office 360 subscription.....
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    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    Happy Christmas Phil, to you and yours...
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    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    Hi Phil...Yes lifes like weeks sometimes start with so much promise.....but life and family and other jobs get in the way.... Most importantly....what happened with the auction? Great to see your 'trials and tribulations' Best Geoff
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    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    If you need Taps and Dies...try Tracy Tools in the south west
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    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    Another enjoyable episode. Years ago we used to partially inflate inner tubes after putting inside the tyre to try to stop pinching... Any chance you can break the official 'Whitley secrets act' and divulge the recipe for your apple rust remover? Best
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    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    Good stuff Phil....look forward to my weekly fix.....
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    HI Brian.....If its a Windows 10 computer there is a rogue update....... Bricked my pc for a while..may be something to do with that..
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    Fusion 360 for a beginner

    Hi all...can you scan in a drawing and scale and trace?
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    Who makes the best small drill bits?

    You can try Tracy tools .. think they are in Cornwall... all types of drill and taps and bits
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    FYI Section d4 gives the specs
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    Absolutely awesome thread...Don't know if its relevant to this but I have a copy of the 800+ Merlin engine overhaul manual, on cd ?