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  1. kadora

    Motorcycle model

    Hello Friends I had built this twin engine 5 years ago and till January of this year engine was sitting on the shelf. In January I got idea to build motorcycle "around" this engine. Motorcycle lenght - 750 mm height - 320 mm Working front suspension , front wheel steering ...
  2. kadora

    Steam Engine Tractor

    Hello Friends I would like to show you my finished steam tractor. Gas burner boiler heating , workable steering , tilting front axle , double acting two cylinder engine , water feeder , length 500 mm , wideness 200 mm , height 250 mm , weight 7 kg . I have built this tractor according my...
  3. kadora

    My Way two cylinder steam engine

    Good day friends . Please allow me to introduce my new engine which is first part for my long time project -steam tractor crane. I have designed this engine in a bit different way //my fantasy// and used my own castings . Two cylinders double action steam engine bore - 20mm stroke - 28mm ...
  4. kadora

    Simplified aluminium casting

    Hello Friends I was always looking for fast and easy way to cast some parts for my engines , generally just to pour liquid aluminium to the sand cavity and job is done. This way of casting is not working because castings corners are not sharp and not properly filed with aluminium. Then I got...
  5. kadora

    Line boring with Crown drill bit

    Hello all Maybe somebody will find this useful. I have drilled main bearing housings for my new four cylinder by this way
  6. kadora

    Homemade 3 phase electric motor

    Hello friends Short time ago I have finished my cnc router and started to learn how to work with it. My first project was unusual very simple 3 phase brushless motor . I got this motor design idea long long time ago so I had simple and "useful" project for my cnc learning and at the same time...
  7. kadora

    Assembled crankshaft ???

    Hello friends I would like to ask you on your opinion or what do you think about machining crankshaft from parts. I have tried to build crank for my new 4 cyl. engine by this "method" but unfortunately crank is slightly bent so I did something in wrong way. All parts are hard soldered together...
  8. kadora

    Cnc - Manual router

    Hello friends I would like to show you my new toy Arduino based router. This router is quite unusual because it can work in two modes CNC and Manual. Manual mode is just for simple operations no need to write g-code. All axis fitted with DRO . For my learning purposes the pen is attached to the...
  9. kadora

    3 pcs Electronic hand wheel encoders to Audurino uno ?

    Hello friends. I am building small milling router but I would like to control it by electronic hand wheel encoders separately one wheel for each axis . /to be independent on computer/ I have Arduino uno board + red shield with motor drivers. Encoder wheels 5V - 100 pulses per rev. - outputs...
  10. kadora

    How to treat steam engine before storage

    Hello friends I am four stroke enthusiast but one year ago I successfully finished two cylinder steam engine. I run engine on live steam roughly 30 minutes then I had to turn to different project so I put engine on the shelf . Last weekend I had spare time so I decided to check steam engine...
  11. kadora

    Watchmaker lathe help

    Hello Friends I have bought this miniature lathe on local fly market. I could not resist to buy this little beauty //I can cover it with man handkerchief//. I did some negligible de rustings and attached new motor with speed controller because original speed regulator is death. During...
  12. kadora

    My new toy - micro bench drill mill machine

    Hello Friends I would like to show you small mill-drill assembled from various parts. The column base I bought 10 years ago on fly market and till now was waiting for this project under my bench. Guy who sold it asked 200 EUR for column + digital DRO /lot of money here/ but I could not resist...
  13. kadora

    Vario BF 20 mill DC motor to 3 phase motor conversion

    Hello friends. Maybe somebody finds this thread interesting. So I have bought this mill brand new 2.5 years ago. Before 3 weeks during milling process I heard loud bang in the electronic box and my dear mill machine was death. I have found electronic board burned and interrupted DC motor...
  14. kadora

    Junika - V Twin Boxer FS engine

    Hello friends Maybe it is funny but I give a name to all of my engines . This one is Junika - short of my name. I machined engine over 1 year /with short breaks/ from AL castings designed and sand casted by me. Bore/Stroke 20mmx20mm Diameter of engine is 250 mm Crankshaft in ball bearings...
  15. kadora

    Marion two cylinder steam engine needs a help

    Hello friends I need again your help. I am four stroke guy but this time i'm in process of machining my own design steam engine.//engine is half done// As you can see on video engine is running on pressure 1/2 bar. What I am worrying is high air consumption because my two cyl. airbrush...
  16. kadora

    Steam engine tubes soldering

    Hello friends I am machining my first steam engine and I would like to know if I can soft solder engine tubes for steam distribution. I know that boiler must be hard soldered but copper tubes on engine ???? //I think tube joints on engine are cooler // Thank you for your advices.
  17. kadora

    Low RPM engine question

    Hello friends I am collecting information for my next project - small boat powered by single cylinder four stroke engine. I would like to machine a kind of low RPM engine. So my question is What should I take to consideration to build low RPM four stroke engine . What valve timing is...
  18. kadora

    Brass con rods ?

    Hello Dear friends what is your opinion on production con rods from brass flat rod 3mmx12mm. I would like to use it for 40 ccm four cylinder/4x10ccm/ but i am not sure if brass is suitable or solid enough for con rod production. Your advices are welcome.
  19. kadora

    Machinist´s wrist watch

    Hello engine addicted. I am machining new four cylinder engine but i was so tired after 3 months of intensive engine machinig that i have decided to have a break. But what with spare time? Yes i will try to built my long time dream - Modern quartz movement accommodate in WW2 Trench watch case...
  20. kadora

    ESO engine machining

    Hello engine enthusiasts. Winter is coming so i have more time for engines now. I have decided to machine another ESO engine so I would like to show you machining this engine step by step. I am going to start with crank case casting. This lost wax casting is crankcase and cylinder in one...