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    Lathe swing designation

    Do you have a link? While that's quite true, if you have a 20mm diameter boring bar it won't fit well(at all) in a boring bar holder with a 3/4 inch bore. You can just clamp them in a regular toolholder block but I prefer the holders that clamp around the bar like Beeblebrox showed as they...
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    Lathe swing designation

    Now another question; boring bar holders. Are there metric sized boring bar holders, I've looked and the bores are always imperial(inch) sizes but I can buy metric boring bars much cheaper than imperial sizes.
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    Heavy thread cutting on light lathe

    The 1950s 100mm HBM I ran had a #5 Morse taper and no drawbar but it did have a locking wedge that fit in the extraction slot, the step up to the new HBM with ISO40 tooling was a huge improvement.
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    Lathe swing designation

    I have a 14 x 40 lathe, the set I need is the 'D' series, I was just trying to find out if the 'C' designation was a standard as most sellers don't list by swing, just by the series and the 'C' never had a reference to swing or even the physical size of the tool post.
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    Lathe swing designation

    I'm considering buying a new Multifix type tool post, it will likely be Chinese just from a cost standpoint, but they often come up with a size designation like 'Swing Over Bed C2/3 SC/2', how does that relate to the physical swing of my lathe. On any search I've done, if you replace the number...
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    Casting fun

    How much larger than the crucible does the inside of the furnace have to be, I have one I've been dragging around for 30+ years and it seems to be good size, I think it's considered a 10#, it's ~6" diameter at the top? I imagine there must be optimal clearances for diameter and probably height...
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    Casting fun

    Thanks for the reply. When I was doing the casting the 'best' burners were the ones Ron Riel designed, has there been improvements and are there better designs, I have full machining and welding capabilities so building is not a problem, I think I just need more information of best practices or...
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    Casting fun

    This is a bit old but I have a question for the experienced casting members. I did a bit of sand casting aluminum about 30 years ago, just a crucible, some firebricks and a propane weed burner torch for the melt, it actually worked out ok, first time! Anyway, I'm looking at trying again and...
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    designing my own gundrill

    There are alternatives, not having used them I can only speculate on the effectiveness but they use an air/mist system at standard shop air pressure up to 150 psi and the say it works. Sterling Gun Drills - deep hole drilling,gundrilling,drills,gundrills,gun drills,toolholders,spraymist...
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    EDM Build

    That's interesting but he doesn't provide even a simple schematic for the 'electrically challenged' like myself. Anyone up for the challenge?
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    How I made my piston rings. No heat

    I realize the Trimble method doesn't suggest that, and neither did I though I've read on this forum, people doing it, so obviously it happens, and that wasn't the question. There is no confusion on my part in that regard. I'm not an engineer but it seems to me that because of the pin that is...
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    How I made my piston rings. No heat

    This is a bit off track to the original post but ring making related. Has anyone ever done an FEA analysis of the stresses from making a ring with the Trimble method? Maybe I'm out to lunch on this but it seems to me that there would be a high stress area opposite the gap when it's in the...
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    How I made my piston rings. No heat

    In my visualization of the way this works it sounds good but is there a rule for the 'desired size'? Obviously a larger starting gap means more spring pressure and you can't start with the final gap distance or you'll have no spring pressure, is the gap you mill comparable to the pin size used...
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    Help with Tiny build

    John Dobson, the guy that made home made sidewalk astronomical telescopes popular made his primary mirrors out of porthole glass. He made the mirrors sitting on a bench and hand grinding them and said there's no such thing as a failed mirror, worst case is you can't fix it so throw it against a...
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    Help with Mach3 and 4th axis machining

    G28 by definition is to send the machine to home position through an intermediate point. When you use G0; G91 G28 X0 Y0 Z0 the machine would just rapid to home, If you used G0; G91 G28 X0 Y0 Z2. it would move Z2. before going to home. You can also use G28 in absolute mode. In my programs, on a...
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    Sight glass for fuel tanks etc

    It works but is a lot slower and you do need to use a sacrificial piece of glass under the part you are cutting, typically it's adhered with rosin, at least in the amateur astronomy crowd. The abrasive is generally just loose 60 grit SiC.
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    Finishing piston o.d. with toolpost grinder

    If you do a search for 'carbide insert designation chart' there are quite a few examples, the problem arises though when you get to chipbreaker designations as each company seems to have their own descriptor. There are positive rake inserts for steel and just to add confusion to it all, you can...
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    Deals on Alibre

    You can do it but I have an old TurboCAD V16.2 that I use for that sort of thing, it has way better sketching tools or maybe I'm just more used to the TurboCAD since I've had it for 20 years. One of the nice things about having the TurboCAD is that I found the switch to Alibre very easy as the...
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    Deals on Alibre

    From a personal perspective, Fusion360, Solidworks and others like them are more powerful, what I like it that Alibre is far more affordable and it's pretty intuitive to learn. It doesn't do surfaces but can modify them and it doesn't have all the special modules that the pricy ones do but it...
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    Horizontal Air Cooled Engine

    McMaster-Carr doesn't sell to individuals in Canada, with few exceptions, you have to be an educational institute of some sort or a business.