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  1. Cymro77

    Smallest petral Engine

    Now how are you to pull the other leg?????
  2. Cymro77

    k 27 wheels

  3. Cymro77

    Health Update

    Chuck, I am saddened to read your post, but Happy to know you, and to have read and learned from your many posts. The time and effort you have spent in teaching myself, and many other neophytes in this hobby, is greatly appreciated. I personally cannot thank you enough for your contribution...
  4. Cymro77

    Two Cylinder Double Acting Steam Engine Build

    Coming along nicely! Merry Christmas - I hope the Fat Bearded Gentlemen brought you some new toys for your shop!!:) Thanks for sharing.
  5. Cymro77

    Merry Christmas......

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all members, may your Holidays be Healthy Happy and Memorable. From Snowy North Dakota - Cogsy, you can take all the snow you want! Better still come and share it! Regards DW
  6. Cymro77

    Refurbishing the chassis of a model Bowman 300 steam locomotive.

    Another interesting posting. Thank you Tony. I also found it a little nostalgic, though my first "Steam engine" was an old Mamod, my mother was afraid we would electrocute ourselves with an electric train set! I wonder if she considered the dangers of steam and fire.:eek:
  7. Cymro77

    American Flag Engine

    If the flag was OK on GHWBush's train, it sure fits here! Beautiful running engine, beautifully painted. As a Disabled American Vet. I love to see Old Glory, my wife has her model horses many with the flag on them all over the house. Nuff said!! Let's get back to "modeling and sharing" ...
  8. Cymro77

    Stuart No 4 Engine

    They certainly look "delicate" the machine itself is a "monster" in my book. I have to admit you do beautiful work! Way too much time on your hands!!:(:eek::confused:
  9. Cymro77

    Project of the Month - December 2018

    Congrats. Edi. A really great engine!!
  10. Cymro77

    Hello from a new member

    Greetings yar 1950. If you want to learn more about model engine building you came to the right space. There is a great bunch of knowledgable, friendly folks here. Look around, enjoy, welcome aboard.
  11. Cymro77

    Stuart No 4 Engine

    Nice work! Enjoying your explanations, great photos. I completed a #4 some years back, someone else had started it, screwed up and quit. My biggest nightmare was making new bearing blocks from scratch. It is monster, takes way too much steam for my little boiler.
  12. Cymro77

    Needed a spanner.

    You guys are making me feel more "normal" and at home on this site, all the time. :cool:
  13. Cymro77

    I love flea markets!

    Looks like you guys are spending the Grand kids inheritance and having way too much fun!!:rolleyes:
  14. Cymro77

    need help with steam engine choices

    The steel is 12L14 (not 12L10 sorry for the error) - either way it has multiple uses, is fairly cheap and easy to mill. I have used it for many Steam engine components. It finishes quite nicely. I have made cylinders, shafts and other components, even used it for a very small crankshaft. You...
  15. Cymro77

    Two Cylinder Double Acting Steam Engine Build

    Cool stuff - will I ever get the skill? Too much to learn, too little time!:confused:
  16. Cymro77

    need help with steam engine choices

    I asked you all about Lead Steel but no one answered me on that, does lack of response mean No? Please kindly let me know. Ok no drillpress, Roger that; but I am buying one anyway since I need one as I do a bench belt sander for my model ship building. Dan. What you are calling Lead Steel...
  17. Cymro77

    Two Cylinder Double Acting Steam Engine Build

    Enjoying watching your progress and techniques. I am very familiar with your cleanup mistake - made it more than once!!:mad::eek::oops:
  18. Cymro77

    need help with steam engine choices

    Dan, If you will PM me with your email address so that I can contact you - I have two books by Stan Bray I can send you. One is Marine Steam Engines for Model Boats. The other is on the construction of model steam engines and boilers. Both are excellent and can be used as a starting point...
  19. Cymro77

    Horsepower pony or clydesdale horses

    Dave, Recorded 8,000 pounds pull single horse, 24,000 pounds in two horse hitch.
  20. Cymro77

    Horsepower pony or clydesdale horses

    The difference between a horse and a pony is determined by the height at the withers. Ponies must be less than 14 hands. A hand equals 4 inches. I have seen two horse hitches that could routinely out-pull a modern tractor. That is 2 horse power versus 40 or 50!
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