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  1. gld

    Four stroke three cylinder radial of my own design

    Very nice. would like to see it run, but video not available to me.
  2. gld

    Snow engine thoughts

    Gordon A few years ago I rebuilt my snow using vitron o rings on the Pistons. In the process I install stainless steel sleeves, and stainless steel piston rods. The O-rings will give better compression (no leakage through a gap) less friction which equates to easier starting and cooler running...
  3. gld

    Mach4 g-code help

    If you delete the code in red , the program will execute 3 times and stop. I need to advance X by .063 thou and have the X readout show the advance. I thought formulas were allowed in code, but I guess not. This code will run continuously until a stop is activated. The sub is a lot longer...
  4. gld

    some days i tell ya

    Well last week was drilling a hole in a cast iron head for exhaust port. Then noticed the bit emerging in an intake value chamber.Dam. A couple days later, drilling on another head, made the same dam mistake again. Some days it just doesn't pay to go to the shop.
  5. gld

    How do they do this?

    Probably pressed on with some kind of glue. Use one of these to remove
  6. gld

    New Member From Missouri

    Hi Kevin, Welcome from the other side of Mo.
  7. gld

    Junk yard find

    Did some more trouble shooting today. Like I said before, only the cyan will print in a cartridge alignment test. So I unplugged the 2 ribbon cables (each with 30 traces) feeding the print carriage and did a continuity check. Found 6 on one and 3 on the other that were open. Found a set on...
  8. gld

    Junk yard find

    nodaker I using Intellicad 6 Pro. Ihave installed the pl532en driver on an old Windows XP system. Right now the plotter is out in the Shop, and the XP is in the basement. Don't want yo move it to the basement until i can get the black ink working in test mode. So I guess your 650 is...
  9. gld

    Grizzly power feed

    My speed control knob will not stay set. It seams to always advances rather than decline at the most inopportune time. So today while searching thru my parts inventory, I found this knob that was just screaming to be on my speed control. The knurls around the circumference was perfect for a flat...
  10. gld

    Junk yard find

    nodaker, Where you located? I found the driver. The driver did not come with install.exe, it only unzipped to one dll file. Thought there would be pdf file operators manual, but no.
  11. gld

    Junk yard find

    HP DesignJet 750 Found this in the local salvage yard, for Free. It even had an almost full roll of paper on it. In a cartridge alignment test, it only prints in cyan. So next I need to determine if the other cartridges are empty or plugged. Could also be in the carriage electrical wiring...
  12. gld

    Metal Craftmen

    Hi all, Only 5 minutes. Enjoy Gary
  13. gld

    Hoglet Cam Gear

    I used loctite on mine, and it has never came loose.
  14. gld

    cnc router plans and recomendations

    Here is my CNC. Built this about 15 years ago. I can do brass and aluminum.
  15. gld

    More LED shop lights

    Anyone using these: About a year and half ago I purchased a 10 pack of Phillips T8 led replacement bulbs for my shop. I have 4 4 tube fixtures in my shop. About a month ago I...
  16. gld

    Phone problums

    I have a Samsung galaxy S4 Anyone know how to hack into the Android phone system. My phone was 4 years old in May 2018. In July August 2017 my phone started shutting itself down at random, usually when I was trying to run an application. It would reboot until either plugging in an external...
  17. gld

    Loading potos without 90 degree rotation problems

    I forgot to add , even tho the picture my load in Paint with the correct orientation, click on (save as) using the same file name and that should strip the phone orientation off.
  18. gld

    Loading potos without 90 degree rotation problems

    Load your picture in Windows Paint to check orientation. Change as needed and save.
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