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  1. Barnbikes

    Looking for a old light bulb
  2. Barnbikes

    Throttle governed engine

    I think it is cool looking. I just hope the belt does not come off. Keep your hand on the kill switch.
  3. Barnbikes

    Verical hit and miss engine

    Not sure if it is helpful but the next time you see one of those Nordictrack ski machines for free grab it. The wood skis you stand on are sitting on one way bearings. One on each side of the center flywheel.
  4. Barnbikes

    Design and build side-shaft hit and miss engine from bar stock

    The email notice I got on my phone shows the picture but when I come to the website it is not there.
  5. Barnbikes

    Karl Benz engine 1886

    Wish they shipped to USA
  6. Barnbikes

    Design and build side-shaft hit and miss engine from bar stock

    Very interested in your cam design. I have been looking at a 2 cylinder engine remake.
  7. Barnbikes

    Desk top power hammer

    Ok I know it is silly but I really want to build one just for fun.
  8. Barnbikes

    Farm Boy Build-Wont Run!

    I would ditch the Hall system and install a set of points. Cheaper to file points then buy new parts.
  9. Barnbikes

    Winter Blues........

    Check with your local high school or college. They might have a night time machining class that is available. The high school by me has a class where you can test out on a machine and then are pretty much free to play.
  10. Barnbikes

    Design and build side-shaft hit and miss engine from bar stock

    I realize you are probably aiming for a simpler engine but maybe you could watch some videos on Otto slide-valve engines or maybe some on cam stop engines. Little more challenge. Cool little video I watched lately. Nice vertical side shaft engine at 2:34.
  11. Barnbikes

    10 Engines in 4 Hours by Non-Machinist Possible?

    Somewhere I saw a plans that used a syringe (cylinder and piston) it got pushed into an aluminum block that served as the pivot and valve. If you used a bent wire as your crank the only thing that would have to be machined would be flywheel, stand and aluminum block.
  12. Barnbikes

    Making a Chris-Craft flathead

    4cyl. dimensions but it is a start.
  13. Barnbikes

    What kind if splined shaft is this ?

    Probably had something like this on it.
  14. Barnbikes

    Ceramic Shell Casting Steel

    What brand is the bicycle? Can't believe somebody does not have an original you can buy.
  15. Barnbikes

    Repairing some fire-damaged engines

    Hope he had insurance on his trailer and contents.
  16. Barnbikes

    jib crane hoist swing boom planning and constructive advice

    I second the engine hoist idea. Most are 1 ton capacity. You will not believe how many ways you will find uses for it.
  17. Barnbikes

    Bandsaw repair

    Pretty sure all tires are on the free wheel not he drive wheel. The tire on my saw has dried out and expanded. Just don't want to bit the bullet and pay more for a new tire then I paid for the saw.
  18. Barnbikes

    Horizontal mill ID?

    The price is not the problem. The problem is the mill is in Michigan and I live in Minnesota.
  19. Barnbikes

    Horizontal mill ID?

    Can anybody ID the make of this mill? Guy wants to sell it to me but does not know the maker. Was looking for a vertical mill but was offered this.
  20. Barnbikes

    Inspiration for new air motor

    I could see you building this one.