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    Sudden Problems With my Printer

    Hey Bob, Nearly forgot I had the same issue after moving my Ender3 V2 I had tightened everything up, redid the new yellow springs and noticed they needed stacks more turns on one back corner (all loosened off 3 full turns before i adjusted Z microswitch. When leveled the back-corner was nearly...
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    Sudden Problems With my Printer

    Bed must be cold to remove parts, I usually give the bed a good wipe with IPA thats rubbing alcohol not Indian Pale Ale unless after 5pm. I then rub a bit of glue stick in a zig-zag over the bed. Next pour a big mob of IPA on the bed a use it with a paper to spead it around. Bung the heater on...
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    Machining techniques for castings

    With cast iron castings the surface can be often like glass (very hard spots) so take a good first cut (10-20 thou) rather than just rubbing the surface lightly else you will take the edge of your tools real fast. Sometime it pays to go over the castings with the side of a coarse file to knock...