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  1. creast

    Attempting Gordon Nano

    After a reasonable success (at least a running engine) of the Clanford Clan, I decided that self flagellation was the key to getting through Covid19 crisis. So , I have started to tackle the Nano 0.1 cc engine by Richard Gordon. I am gobsmacked by the quality and intricacy of design produced by...
  2. creast

    Clanford Clan - finished!

    This is my finished Clan which was very challenging but very rewarding to make. I think this may be the start of my two stroke addiction :-)
  3. creast

    Clanford Clan 0.24cc Aero engine

    Hi Guys, Its been a very long time since I did a build log (last was the Vega V-twin) but I have decided to for a simpler but probably very challenging go at the Clanford Clan. This is from the 'Motor Boys' plan book and looks a real cutie! I have created a 3D model to check out the plans and is...
  4. creast

    Gerry's Beam Engine -Finally finished !

    After building the V twin Vega, I decided to make my first venture into steam and chose to build 'OldBoatGuys' Beam Engine (Gerry Dykstra). I actually started this project about 18 months ago and put it aside during house moving and subsequent DIY projects but decided it was time to finish it...
  5. creast

    Gerry's beam engine query

    Hi folks, Its been a while. I am now hoping to build Gerry's beam engine and have redrawn from the plans into a solidworks model before starting construction. I have noticed a few anomolies and wanted to see if any of you that have built this model can shed any light on these. 1/ My model shows...
  6. creast

    Vega V Twin

    Its been a year since I started this project. It was destined to be finished Xmas 2014 but plagued me up to now to finish. It isn't perfect and there are still carburation issues but from a project point of view I can tick the finished box.
  7. creast


    I am sure I am not alone having experienced the 'lets try a bit deeper cut' syndrome. After spending over an hour to get to the final machining op I committed the cardinal sin of not taking care. Putting a heavier cut to speed things up caused the job to wrench out the lathe and ... well.. see...
  8. creast

    Glow plug position

    Hi Guys, I am currently building the David Parker Vega V twin aero engine (work in progress) and am at the point of machining the cylinder heads. I have trial fitted the glow plug after tapping the thread and hadn't realised just how far back the plug is from the combustion chamber, approx 3mm...
  9. creast

    Kerzel Hit and Miss finally finished

    After over 18 months of stopping and starting on this project (I think), it is finally finished. I didn't do a progress log unfortunately but here is the finished engine. Its not up to the standard of many of the engines showcased here but I am pleased with it, especially as it caused me so many...
  10. creast

    Vega V twin Aero engine

    After finally completing my Kerzel H&M engine I am now probably getting too ambitious and intend to build a Vega 9cc V Twin. I have located the articles and at present translating them into SolidWorks to check and refine the build. Has anyone here any experience of building this engine?
  11. creast

    What are you going to do with it?

    Don't you just hate that line when you show someone your pride and joy engine? Having spent hours and hours just to create something which in your own eyes is a thing of beauty and a marvel of engineering? I just reply.. its a model.. the fun is creating it and it doesn't have to serve a purpose...
  12. creast

    Jonkman Stirling 60 Variant

    I was impressed with Jeroen Jonkman's Stirling '60' and decided to have a go. This is my second Stirling and I wasn't keen on the two tier arrangement (everyone has their own preference), so I decided to keep it at one level and do it all in brass. I have transferred the idea into SolidWorks to...
  13. creast

    Cylinder corrosion.

    Hi all, My Kerzel hit and miss engine is almost finished. Thanks to all who helped sort the ignition issues. I have now noticed that I am getting some rusting of the combustion section of the cylinder.In fact, last time the piston was actually stuck. I am pretty certain this is due to...
  14. creast

    Hall effect woes!

    Hi, I have finally managed to get my Kerzel H&M running but am now plagued with Hall effect failures. I have used a few circuits but the latest was posted in an earlier thread here which I cannot track back to. The circuit is attached. This circuit works fine but I have yet to run more than a...
  15. creast

    Help with Kerzel H&M engine

    Hi guys, I have built the Kerzel Hit and Miss engine and am having serious problems getting it to run. I have good compression (bounce) and have tried the carburettor with petrol (gasoline to you USA guys) and I have tried the Jan Ridder vapour carb but no luck. The spark plug has been tested at...
  16. creast

    Ky-Ko Stirling fan

    Hi folks, I have only just joined HMEM after constructing my first stirling project. It took a while to get sorted but has now given me the engine building bug. Currently I am building the Kerzel H&M...