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  1. TonyM

    Grizzly stirling engine plan symbols

    The drawing says brass rod so I don't know why it's there. 0.8 μm may be the standard finish for brass round. Maybe it's just in case you are not using 6mm bar. Putting that particular tolerance looks overkill as it is just a connecting rod but then I don't know what purpose the part actually...
  2. TonyM

    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    Hi Ken It's Put whatever you want to say into google translate as the guy does not speak English.
  3. TonyM

    Grizzly stirling engine plan symbols

    The basic sign is for surface finish. That particular one means do not remove material on this surface.
  4. TonyM

    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    Most of the beautiful work you see in this thread has been done by Edward. I have not posted any pictures of my engine. Why not email Tolsten Shur and ask if he will send you a GA drawing.
  5. TonyM

    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    The castings are mostly aluminium. Reasonably good quality with no porosity, Spigots etc. are well positioned so holes are relatively central. Flywheel and base are CI. The flywheel had no hard spots and needed minimum fettling. Altogether very pleased with the result. I wanted to make mine...
  6. TonyM

    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    Looking good Edward. Does that carburettor give reasonable engine speed control using the Jan Ridders surface carb. I'd love to see a video.
  7. TonyM

    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    The plans come with the casting set from Dampfmaschinen, Motoren, Generatoren The castings are good but the plans have a few errors and instructions are only in German. The plans show the camshaft gears are reversed to the original engine giving reverse rotation of the drive.
  8. TonyM

    What are the material sizes to use with small dies?

    Most of the info is online if you search but since I was an apprentice in the 60's I have always used a Zeus book.
  9. TonyM

    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    Thanks Richard. I am sure this discussion will help Edward too. I will check what I have. I have a feeling that the valve timing could be improved dramatically without too much change. Maybe the inlet pivot point can be improved. On the subject of the carb I intend to use a surface carb. I...
  10. TonyM

    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    Thanks Richard that certainly helped me. I am currently making the engine too. My drawing shows the 10mm increased to 12 but I am still not happy with the position. It seems too high up. I need to check the end plates are correct too. Have you stuck with the TS plan or have you changed the...
  11. TonyM

    Surface Carb advice

    I have been looking at a refined surface carb for small engines. It is specifically for my 1/3 Benz but would be suitable for any engine. I have tried to add a degree of control which is not easily done with the ''Jan Ridders'' version. The main problem is that there is limited control by...
  12. TonyM

    Unwanted Taper ?

    I have levelled and bolted down more high precision machines than I care to remember. Every machine was levelled before bolting. Bolting down, if required, was always done gradually checking levels as you go. I realise that many here have not had the benefit of experience and no real...
  13. TonyM

    Centering a cast flywheel

    We all have different ways. I prefer to set up on a face plate get the happy medium for all machined surfaces then machine the bore, one face and the O/D without moving the part. I also like to trim the inner side of the fly wheel just enough to clean up any runout. I don't think it's 'normal'...
  14. TonyM

    My Wyvern

    Nice. Do you have a video of it running.
  15. TonyM

    piston rings and pistons for 4-stroke engine

    Where are you from. There are many options in different parts of the world. is one I've used for parts.
  16. TonyM

    Thumper--a 1 3/8" bore i.c. engine

    The old school method on a full size car engine was advance it till you get pre-ignition / knocking then retard until it stops knocking and that was about right. I don't think it helps with model engines as we can't generally adjust ignition timing with the engine running.
  17. TonyM

    Unwanted Taper ?

    I don't know if there is any point in progressing this but lowering the tool height should change the position of the small diameter. If you lower the tool and the small diameter moves away from the chuck the head is pointing down. If the lowpoint moves nearer the chuck the head is pointing up...
  18. TonyM

    Unwanted Taper ?

    That suggests the headstock/testpiece is pointing up or down in relation to the bed. If this is the case a longer test piece would prove the theory. The low point would remain in the same position distanced from the chuck as this would be the point where the tool is on centre of the test piece...
  19. TonyM

    VFD Wiring

    Remember if you do use proper shielded cable (not armoured which is ineffective at shielding), only connect the shielding to the earth at one end. I am not sure if it is better at the motor or at the VFD but it must not be both.
  20. TonyM

    Karl Benz engine 1886

    I am struggling to get materials these days so everything has slowed right down. I am making the surface carb just now and when I know it works OK I will start a new thread. You are way further ahead than me with both the engine and the wagon..